Now That Bridgerton‘s Got All Us All Horny For History, Here Are The Best Movies To Scratch That Itch

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

So, you’ve finished Bridgerton on Netflix, and all the sexy historical shows available on the internet? Step into my office. Horny period films are my most treasured comfort. Where others do chores to the dulcet tones of The Office, or fall asleep to Friends, there’s nothing a find more soothing than watching a lady in a corset fall in love. Luckily, there’s a boon of great historical dramas to choose from. Keira Knightley’s oeuvre alone is enough to sustain you for at least a week. 
You’ve probably already seen some comparisons between Bridgerton and Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. That’s exactly why you won’t find it on this list. Nor will you only find traditional romance, because let’s face it, there just isn’t enough of it. Instead, I’ve strived to put together an assortment of movies that expand on one or more elements that made Bridgerton such a compelling and riveting watch. Are you all about the gossip? Take a trip to Gosford Park. Is it the butt shots for you? Emma. has not one, but two. Wondering what it was really like to be a Black woman navigating British society in those days? Belle has the answer. Craving a queer love story? Meet Portrait of a Lady on Fire’s Marianne and Heloise.  
Traveling isn’t really an option right now, so why not use your couch as a time machine to discover new worlds? If you’re lucky, there’ll be someone tall, dark, and handsome on the other end, ready to give you a, ahem, personalized tour. 

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