We Don’t Mean To Alarm You, But Zac Efron Now Has A Mullet

Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures.
Zac Efron, our High School Musical crush Monday, has left his signature shaggy bangs in the past and since graduated to shorter styles and bold color choices — like his brief stint with platinum blonde last year. Now, it looks like the star has switched it up once again with a mullet — yes, a mullet — and it looks surprisingly... good?
Last week, Efron visited the Australian barber shop Attaboy at their Kent Town location where barber Luke Munn gave him his new 'do. The fun continued when Munn passed the cutting shears to Efron so he could give the owner, Robby Lippett, a trim that "made him feel 17 again." Let's see if he can sing and dribble a basketball simultaneously though.
Efron has been in Australia shooting his new movie, Gold, since November where he stars as one of two men who stumbled upon a large gold nugget in the desert and is left behind while his partner leaves to secure the equipment they need for excavation. On December 7, Efron shared a photo of his character sitting under a makeshift tent in the sun, unshaved and dirty, looking for signal.
We don't know if the mullet will make an appearance in the movie, but it's nice to see that the hand-eye coordinated singing jock from our childhood is still making movies and manages to still look hot in the haircut that made Joe Exotic, well, exotic.

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