Matt James’ Latest Bachelor Promo Is Full Of Old School Drama

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
That's a wrap on Tayshia Adams' season of The Bachelorette, time to get ready for our new Bachelor Matt James. To stir up anticipation, an extended promo for Matt's Bachelor season aired at the end of The Bachelorette (you can watch the shorter version below). It was filled with old school drama and Bachelor Nation standbys... and not necessarily in a good way.
The promo featured plenty of now-cliché Bachelor moments like Matt showering so we could see his abs, people making out in hot tubs, and of course so, so, so many tears. The promo also teased the return of some iconic Bachelor dates, like ones that take place in really high places in order for contestants to declare that they want to "jump" into love just like they're jumping out of a plane. On Matt's season, we'll see them flying planes, zip-lining, skydiving, and riding in hot air balloons. All they need is a helicopter, and we'll be almost back to normal.
What has unfortunately also returned are some truly nasty accusations among the women. Several of them accused another contestant of being a "sugar baby" or an "escort" and having a "transactional relationship with wealthy men." Ah, if only we could go one Bachelor season without any mean girl comments. Some of that frustration amongst the cast may manifest in a boxing date where the promo showed two contestants furiously punching one another and then a clip of an ambulance. Is it really a season of The Bachelor without a mysterious ambulance promo? Apparently not.
It's been a long year since fans last saw a Bachelor season. Pilot Peter Weber's season concluded just before the whole world shut down. And while Matt's season will be different in some ways — they're still filming in a bubble — it looks like it's also returning to some of the most dramatic standbys, for better and for worse. Be gentle with us, Chris Harrison.

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