The New Bachelor Promo Photo Of Matt James Is Here & We Have Questions

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Someone will have to check the science on this, but somehow the year is almost over, which means that The Bachelor's January 4 premiere is right around the corner.
ABC is already gearing Bachelor Nation up for an exciting new season of the franchise, featuring bachelor Matt James, aka Tyler Cameron's best friend, aka the franchise’s first Black Bachelor in 25 years, aka Ridiculously Good-Looking Guy.
We've already gotten a teaser for the upcoming season, in which we learned that 25-year-old James has never been in love before (usually a faux-pas in the Bachelor world, for some reason) and that there will be some potential fiancées who will ruthlessly battle to be his first. On December 7, the show dropped a new promo photo, and...well, we have some questions.
Listen, let's get one thing straight — James looks great. The blue suit look is classic Bachelor, and he should probably never take it off. (Just kidding — he can definitely take it off.) But why is he walking in the middle of what looks like a New England road in the fall? Is he lost? Did his car break down? The wet pavement makes it seem like it rained: Is he walking away unscathed from a helicopter date gone wrong?
And finally the tagline: "A Matt Made In Heaven"? Seriously? Even for The Bachelor that pun is egregiously silly. If this is an indication of what's in store, we're going to have to get out something stronger than red wine for our viewings.

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