Capricorn Season Is Bringing Us Exactly What We Need (Magic)

Photographed by Megan Madden.
I feel like Capricorns get a bad rap. They're thought of as overly serious. Judgmental. Notorious grudge-holders. Well, maybe I'm saying this because I'm a Cap rising, but I'm sick of it! Sure, Capricorn season may "not be known for its flair," as Nyssa Grazda, an astrology news writer for, puts it. But really, does the zodiac sign that spans Christmas and New Year's — from December 21 to January 19 —really need even more flair? No. What we need during this time of year is exactly what Capricorn offers us, what Grazda calls "earthy realism".
Oh, and a little secret? "I always consider Capricorn season to be the most potent container for engaging with our own magic," she adds. Not so "serious" now, huh? Still, it's a stretch of the zodiac calendar that has always flown under the radar. "Known for its pragmatism and focus on preservation, conservatism, and tradition, Capricorn is the sign of the elder. It doesn’t need to put on a show because it’s well aware of its capabilities," Grazda notes.
This Cap season kicks off with a little more fanfare than most. "It occurs on same day as the winter solstice. That's a time when the days are shorter and nights are longer, thus thinning the veil between the spiritual and physical world," says astrologer Lisa Stardust. It's also the same day as The Great Conjunction, which is a once-in-20-years event marked by Jupiter and Saturn meeting. This year's Great Conjunction is super-powerful, because Jupiter and Saturn are uniquely close to each other, and because they're meeting in an Air sign for the first time in a long time. This shift is thought to be the start of a new era, one where we'll all be more focused on humanitarianism and innovation. And it's all happening on day one of Capricorn season.
"During Capricorn season, we'll be super-reflective and ready to implement change into our lives based on the events of the past year. We’ll be moved to transform our being and evolve with the times," Stardust says. Okay, I know what you're thinking: "Feeling reflective? Near the new year? Groundbreaking." But remember, Grazda pointed out that the sign of the Sea-Goat is low-key very magical. That means as Capricorn season kicks off, you may find yourself able to sit down and really confront all those things about yourself that you're ready to do differently. You aren't going to make a big deal out of it or anything — it is Capricorn season, after all. You'll simply feel ready to level up. So you'll do it.
To support your journey, you can carve our some quiet time for yourself to meditate or manifest or just give yourself the mental space necessary for reflection. You can pull out a fresh planner (is there any better feeling?) and draw up a few to-do lists or write down your 2021 intentions. You can go for a run or work through a few flows on your yoga mat while thinking about what you want to leave behind in 2020, and what you want to take with you into the new year.
Stardust describes it as being, "cosmically pushed to leave the old behind and glide into a new vibe for 2021." After a year that's felt a lot like "dragging myself forward by my fingernails," gliding sounds pretty darn good to me.

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