You’ve Been To The Prom — Now Put These Songs On Repeat

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The Broadway songs in The Prom, Netflix's new movie musical courtesy of Ryan Murphy, are glitzy and bubbly and full of the energy you don't have at the end of 2020. Glee fans will definitely recognize Murphy's style in the various musical numbers.
The Prom is about Broadway celebrities who try to solve a PR crisis by intervening in a young lesbian's actual personal crisis in her homophobic small town that doesn't want her to take her girlfriend to prom. But while the film is getting mixed reviews and your mileage may vary with the tone, plot distribution, and some of the casting of The Prom — you can't deny the comedic and emotional power of some of these songs.
Fans of the original Broadway musical will notice that there aren't any annoying new songs ham-fisted into the middle of The Prom. Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin, the composer and lyricist who wrote The Prom's many songs, also adapted movies like Elf and The Wedding Singer into Broadway musicals. They understand how to translate something from screen to stage and back. There are some new songs, but you can easily skip them and start watching The Great British Bake-Off instead. (They're not great. Nobody needs to hear Meryl Streep rapping.)
To help you navigate this musical world that flips from silly to serious on a dime, here are our picks for the best songs from The Prom, a.k.a. the ones that would get superlatives at the end of senior year.

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