The Cast Changes Coming To A Million Little Things In Season 3

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You might have already grown accustomed to the many familiar faces on A Million Little Things, but season 3 is going to add some new ones into the mix. The close-knit group of friends with more drama than you could possibly fathom is expanding for the brand new season, in addition to taking their friendship, relationships, and business partnerships transatlantic. As you get ready to dive into the new season with — deep breath — Gary (James Roday Rodriguez), Maggie (Allison Miller), Eddie (David Giuntoli), Catherine (Grace Park), Rome (Romany Malco), Regina (Christina Moses), and Delilah (Stéphanie Szostak), here’s who else will be joining the cast of A Million Little Things' big, modern family. 

Darcy (Floriana Lima)

For starters, one of the brand new cast members for season 3 has already actually been introduced. At the end of season 2, Gary struck up a casual relationship with Darcy and it appears that’s about to get serious: Lima is now a season regular. So far, we’ve learned Darcy has a son Theo’s age, which means she’s already familiar with Katherine, making her a seamless addition to the group. As a former soldier, Darcy suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, something Gary has already helped her through since he is, as always, the perfect shoulder to lean on. 
Gary has also made it abundantly clear to Maggie that he’s choosing Darcy over her, following their bad breakup. Maggie’s off to Oxford as it is for a fellowship, and there she’s going to make new friends across the pond.

Jamie (Chris Geere)

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
One of Maggie's new friends is Jamie her new roommate. Deadline describes the character as, “Brash and funny. He shows many colors. Sometimes you live with a person you wouldn’t necessarily be friends with, but then become great friends because you live together.” So it certainly sounds like hijinx between these two are about to ensue. 

Alex (Olivia Steele Falconer)

The end of season 2 also introduced us to a major secret from Eddie’s past regarding a friend from high school, Alex, who mysteriously drowned one night when they were partying. It sure seems like this is going to keep haunting Eddie through season 3, so expect young Alex to appear again.

Most Likely: Colleen (Betsy Brandt) & Reverend Stewart (Gerard Plunkett)

We also briefly meet Alex’s sister, played by Breaking Bad alum, when she shows up in the penultimate season 2 episode and the season finale, raising way more questions than there are answers about Eddie’s past and his involvement in Alex’s death. If that’s not enough, Eddie tries to talk to Alex’s dad, Reverend Stewart (Gerard Plunkett), but quickly gets the door shut in his face there.
There’s been no formal confirmation that either of these two will show up in season 3, but considering there are still a lot of loose ends to tie up for Eddie here, so it’s extremely likely they’ll return at some point.

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