What You Need To Remember From A Million Little Things Season 2

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One of the running themes of A Million Little Things is that friendship is — and maybe you can guess this — made up of... a million little things. So it should come as no surprise that when the ABC show returns for season 3, we can't expect the drama to slow down. Like at all. Season 1 very much revolved around the unraveling mystery and fallout from John’s sudden death and how everyone learned to cope with it in their own ways, and as a group. A Million Little Things season 2 shifted the focus to what happens next — especially for Eddie (David Giuntoli) and Delilah (Stéphanie Szostak), who eventually confessed to everyone (including their families!) that Delilah’s baby was Eddie's, and not John’s. However, that’s not the only baby drama as Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina (Christina Moses) go through a grueling adoption process that almost tears them apart numerous times. Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) and Maggie (Allison Miller) aren’t spared from any drama, either, as the two try to figure out how to make their life work together, if they can even get it to work.
But in case you don't quite remember every one of the million little things that happened to this ever-growing family of friends in season 2, here’s a quick refresher. 

Eddie & Katherine

Katherine (Grace Park) and Eddie were already on the rocks after the fallout from Eddie’s affair with Delilah. Just when they’re finally starting to move forward together again, Eddie confesses that Delilah’s baby is in fact his, not John’s. Hoping to cool off and clear her head for a bit, Katherine takes off, with Eddie telling their son Theo that his mom’s gone to the Grand Canyon for a case. Eventually, she comes back to the two of them, and Eddie and Katherine manage to work through this rough patch and come out stronger on the other side. Katherine even mends things with Delilah, too, and spends a lot of time looking over baby Charlie.
Things are on the up for the two of them by the end of the season. In a moment of clarity, Katherine actually quits her job to start a new firm, and moves into the space above Regina’s restaurant. She and Eddie also decide to renew their wedding vows and it’s a mad dash to make it happen (while a million other things are happening — more on that in a few). It ends up not happening, because of Eddie, who’s suddenly MIA. 
Turns out he’s off trying to figure out what happened one summer night when he was a kid, and a girl drowned. Eddie tries to get his sister to give him the information he needs, and it just sends him into a downward spiral trying to figure out the truth. He ends up at a bar, about to take a drink and break his long-standing sobriety, when he makes the decision to leave instead. He calls Katherine to explain everything, and as he’s crossing the street, he’s hit by a car, his condition unknown. 
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Regina & Rome

Regina’s opened her restaurant and Rome quit his job as a commercial director to write a screenplay, so with both their careers going well they decide to adopt a baby. The couple meets a young pregnant woman named Eve (Ebboney Wilson), who agrees to give them her baby, promising that the father is out of the picture. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case because it turns out Eve actually ran away from the abusive father and has worked very hard to escape him. When he inevitably comes back into the picture, Gina and Rome get Eve away to safety, while also scaring off the father. Their plan actually works and Eve gives birth to a healthy baby. But, after that life changing moment, Eve decides she actually wants to keep her baby. 
This absolutely crushes Regina, who has been struggling coming to terms with abuse she suffered as a child, and her overbearing mother coming back into her life. She blames Rome for everything that’s happened, since he’s the one who convinced her to adopt in the first place. 
Rome is dealing with his own personal problems, like the fact that he's still grappling with the loss of his mother earlier in the season. He also finally sells a screenplay. The last we see of the couple at the end of season 2, they are not on good terms. 

Gary & Maggie 

If Gary and Maggie are your OTP, I hate to remind you of what happened to them in season 2: The pair that seemed like they could weather anything break up mid-way through season 2 and don’t show any signs of reconciling. It all starts when Maggie meets the man who received her brother’s transplanted heart... except it turns out he's lying and his deceased fiance actually had Maggie’s brother’s heart and well, it’s just a whole mess. This drives a wedge between Gary and Maggie which only continues to grow when she learns she’s cancer free. 
Maggie realizes that her life has been so intertwined with Gary’s, she doesn’t know what she wants anymore. Even though she tells him she loves him, she doesn’t want to be with him as she figures her life out and they break up. As if that’s not enough, she also puts major distance between them when she accepts a fellowship at Oxford. But as you can probably guess, Maggie’s feelings about this don’t stick and eventually she goes back to Gary, imploring him to get back together with her — and hoping that he’ll go to Oxford with her. 
But Gary is still angry at Maggie and doesn’t want to repair what she broke. He’s also started seeing someone new, Darcy (Floriana Lima). Gary is happy with Darcy and wants to see where that relationship goes, so he suggests that instead, he and Maggie can work on their friendship, but nothing more.

Delilah & The Kids

Following John’s death, Delilah has slowly been putting her life back together, and sometimes her kids make it easy for her — sometimes they don’t. Sophie (Lizzy Greene) is especially hard on her mom after the truth about Charlie’s parentage comes out, but eventually, they manage to work through their frustration, and this mother-daughter duo have a strong bond again. Delilah also starts dating again (which, duh, does not immediately go over well), but soon the kids warm up to her new guy... even though he’s a decade younger than her. 
As for her relationship with Eddie, that’s pretty much done and over with as the two of them, along with Katherine, have all agreed to co-parent Charlie. They're going to making this new family situation work as best they can.
Now, it's time for season 3 to shake it all up once again.

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