Pay Very Close Attention To These 4 Dudes On Tayshia’s Bachelorette Journey

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The last few episodes of 2020's The Bachelorette featured some petty drama between the dudes, a few great kisses, and a number of starry-eyed guys who already seem prepared to propose. This only means one thing: the Tayshia Adams chapter of this Bachelorette season is officially in full swing, and Bachelor Nation has already taken note of the men who are catching her eye.
Clare Crawley’s four episode-run wasn't exactly unpredictable. From night one, she made it clear that Dale Moss was the one she wanted, and almost every other suitor was sidelined. But, in just one episode, Tayshia already connected with several guys — and if the promo for the rest of the season tells us anything, it’s that many of these relationships are destined to deepen over time. 
In fact, in a Nov. 10 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tayshia confirmed that she fell in love with “multiple people” during her time on the show. Based on her initial reactions to the crop of guys, the full season preview (below), and time-tested Bachelor-verse signs (if someone is only ever shown instigating drama against another contestant, they're probably not a final four, for one) there are four guys who might just be the ones to watch. And despite the contestants' concerns, none of them are Spencer.
And yes, we cross-referenced our predictions with the supposed spoilers that clairvoyant Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve recently posted here, if that's your sort of thing.


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Ever since his surprisingly vulnerable one-on-one with Tayshia, 30-year-old Brendan has seemed poised to be a frontrunner. After he nervously opened up to Tayshia about his divorce — only to learn that she was divorced, too — the couple bonded, and fans online began rooting for Tayshia and Brendan to pull a Dale and Clare.
“I’m absolutely starting to have feelings for Tayshia,” Brendan said in a voiceover. Later, they kissed as fireworks erupted in the sky, and Tayshia added, “Kissing Brendan feels like I’m kissing my person… I don’t know, I feel like I could marry him.” Where have we heard that before?
It’s also worth noting that, three weeks in a row, Tayshia made the first move and kissed Brendan. Right now, at least, she’s definitely into this guy.


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Out of all the guys, 28-year-old engineer Ivan seemed the most smitten with Tayshia off the bat. His screen time in Tayshia's first episode was pretty lengthy, and he was quick to tell the guys that he was already more into Tayshia than Clare.
In episode 7, their connection grew even deeper during a one-on-one date. After Ivan opened up about his brother’s incarceration, which led to an emotional conversation about police brutality, George Floyd’s death, and their own experiences growing up. “It's so crazy that I really like you so much, and I feel confident in saying that,” Ivan said. “We're both biracial, have Black dads, and we have this beautiful love story developing. This is just so big. This is crazy, this is beautiful.” Tayshia agreed, and gave him a rose. Ivan is most likely sticking around awhile longer.


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Ben gets a lot of screen time (and kisses) in the full season promo (above), which is a clear indication that he’ll go pretty far. In episode 6, Tayshia told him that she was attracted to him, and he admitted that he gets nervous around her — something he said is pretty unusual for him. “She commands a room when she walks in,” Ben said in a confessional interview after Tayshia first walked in. “She’s got this vibrant energy that just is captivating.”
Initially, Ben was pretty guarded. But this week, he finally opened up to Tayshia, earning a group date rose. “That feeling that I have with her is just continuing to grow more intense,” he said. Ben and Tayshia had undeniable chemistry from day one, but it feels like their love story is just beginning. Plus, the fact that we knew Ben's name after four episodes of The Dale Show is a pretty good sign that the producers want us to know who he is.


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Up until recently, 38-year-old Zac didn’t have a ton of screen time. He kissed Tayshia a few times and she called him a “pleasant surprise” more than once, but the biggest hints were Zac’s appearances in the season promo. In one clip, he kisses her while she wears a veil; in another, he says, “Tayshia, I’m falling in love with you.” 
This week, we finally got to see the first of these snippets. The couple dressed up for a wedding-inspired photo shoot, and in a confessional, Tayshia said she tried to envision standing at the altar with Zac for real. “I’m not gonna lie, it didn’t scare me,” she said, smiling. Later, she added, “Zac definitely embodies all the qualities I’m looking for. My heart is racing, I have shortness of breath… I am falling for Zac, absolutely.” He is somewhat of a dark horse this season, but with each episode, it becomes more evident that Zac’s one to watch.
Update: This story was originally published on Nov. 17, 2020.

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