16 Truly Terrifying Documentaries & Where To Find Them

Photo: Crush Pictures/Magnet/Kobal/Shutterstock.
We all know how the saying goes: "Truth is stranger than fiction." Well, in 2020 we're definitely learning that it's often much scarier than anything that we can make up, too. So if you've already watched every scary movie that's streaming or just want to get your creepy kicks in the real world then these spooky documentaries are necessary additions to your Halloween viewing. 
Whether you are looking to watch a "real" exorcism shot by the director of The Exorcist or want to lose yourself in the wild world of cults, there are plenty of terrifying real life stories to explore. With the pandemic still raging on, we can't visit many IRL Halloween haunts, these shock docs will fill that void too with movies about the art of creating haunted houses and terrorizing paying customers as well naively brave men deciding to buy and renovate "real" haunted homes. Rather you than me, dude. 
Basically, whatever your particular kind of thrill you'll find it in this list, there are even some movies about the making of some of the scary classics you've likely already binged this spooky season. So get comfy, get cozy, and get ready to once again be terrified by the horrors of the real world. 

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