Twitter Has A Lot Of Feeling About The New iPhones

Photo: Courtesy of Apple.
Today is the day many tech geeks (we're using that moniker affectionately!) look forward to every year: the Apple Event. This year, chief among the exciting gadgets Apple's CEO Tim Cook unveiled are the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. With 5G speed, an all‑new design, night mode cameras, and more, the new iPhones have a lot of cool features that Apple fans are eager to tinker with. Yet, none of those features is garnering as much attention as the new iPhones' charging situation.
As is customary after a significant event in any realm of our culture, people have taken to the virtual water cooler also known as Twitter to discuss the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro's releases. Social media users have spoken, and the top trending topic from the Apple Event is the new phones' USB-C cable. To catch you up, Apple announced that earbuds and charging adaptors will not be included in new iPhone packaging. Apple claims that because most people already own headphones and charging bricks, not including the unnecessary items is a good way to reduce carbon emissions.
Most would be on-board with this supposedly eco-conscious decision if it wasn't for one thing — Apple switched to a USB-C cable for charging its new iPhones. USB-C cables are not compatible with most adaptors used for charging older versions of the iPhone. That means those who purchase an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro will likely have to buy a USB-C-compatible charging brick separately. See the problem?
With all that context, as well as Apple's history of doing away with headphone jacks possibly as a way to boost sales, you can understand why Twitter thinks this supposedly eco-friendly move from Apple is a bit sus.
Some Twitter users simply pointed out how confusing Apple's logic was, others cracked jokes about what these over-hyped iPhone unveilings have come to. At their core, however, most of these Twitter reactions commented on how corporations love to use environmentalism to make more money. That's capitalism, baby.

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