What Is Going On With Katie Hill’s Twitter Account?

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Former Rep. Katie Hill’s official government Twitter account has been inactive since her resignation last November — until early Wednesday morning, when a series of tweets were posted to the account. The tweets, attributed to her “former staff,” allege that Hill created a toxic work environment and was an abusive boss. The staffer said that the impetus for the accusations being made public was the news that Elisabeth Moss, Michael Seitzman, and Jason Blum are adapting Hill's memoir, She Will Rise: Becoming a Warrior in the Battle for True Equality, into a streaming movie.
According to the tweets, Hill allegedly “took advantage of her subordinates… many of whom were young women just beginning their careers in politics.” In a lengthy Twitter thread from the account, the supposed staff also point out that Hill was never investigated by the House Ethics Committee before she resigned, saying that she has not been "held accountable" for her actions. "What happened to Katie Hill shouldn’t happen to anyone. But, this moment requires more nuance, as Katie Hill’s story — our story — is also one of workplace abuse and harassment," one tweet reads.
Hill was championed as one of the first openly bisexual members of Congress when she was elected, but resigned after a revenge porn scandal revealed she had an affair with a campaign staffer before she was elected. While the congresswoman was going through a divorce, photos of Hill were permeated without her consent online in late 2019 by a right-wing website, RedState. Hill later described her ex-husband as toxic and abusive and the person behind the leaked photos that eventually led to her resignation.
Although the tweets from Hill's account were very nuanced and attempted to hold multiple truths — that Hill had been a victim of abuse and revenge porn, while also perpetrating abuse in the workplace —Hill claims that the account was hacked and alerted Twitter of the situation.
In a response to the allegations from her personal Twitter account, Hill claims her government account had been hacked after she had handed over access to the House Clerk upon her resignation. Twitter has yet to remove the tweets, and Hill has not yet responded to comment.
Still, the government account tweets specify the sensitivity of the situation, while still seeking to hold her accountable. “We appreciate the instinct to defend our former boss, an LGBTQ+ woman who faced abuse from her husband,” the tweets read. “Katie Hill can be both a victim and perpetrator. And, staff can experience severe consequences for speaking out against their powerful boss.”
“Katie Hill is not a hero for women. We deserve heroes who embody our values even in the most difficult moments,” the tweets read.

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