Venus Is In Virgo, & It’s Changing Everyone’s Love Language

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The planet of love is entering the sign of the maiden on October 2, and things are about to get... messy. Venus and Virgo aren't exactly compatible with one another, cautions Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer.
Virgo has a picky side; it can make people come across as overly critical or demanding, Hale says: "You may feel as though you are trying to help others help themselves." Others might feel... differently, like you're nitpicking or prying, causing conflict that can easily get blown out of proportion. Good to remember: When Venus is in Virgo, people will be more likely to actually ask for help if they want it. So try to avoid offering unsolicited support, especially in your romantic relationships.
Astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29 that the Venus's maneuver into earthy Virgo will kick start an intense chain of events called a Grand Cross, involving the Nodes of Destiny and Neptune retrograde. "This occurs when there are two oppositions and two squares in the stars," she explains. Expect breakups, volatility regarding your finances, heightened emotions, and a desire to really assert yourself. She says politics may factor heavily in disagreements at this time. With an election just one month away, that certainly tracks.
Alexandria Lettman, the resident astrologer for The SoulUnity, a healing collective, agrees that this transit could be rough for couples. "The likelihood of us losing touch with our emotional sides in our relationship increases, which can manifest as bickering or nagging over petty and unimportant things," she tells Refinery29.
"The general theme when Venus enters Virgo is learning to balance the practical side of relationships with the emotional, without sacrificing one in favor of the other," she continues. She says that if Venus in Virgo were a love language, it would be acts of service. Why? Because we become more honest, practical, sensible, and dutiful towards our loved ones under this transit — and less romantic or sexy.
If you lean into that energy by trying to show your partner that you care, rather than telling, you can sidestep the negative side of this transit, Lettman notes. Meaning: Quietly do the dishes for them, rather than buying them chocolate.
Single? Venus in Virgo brings a certain passivity to the table, Lettman says. You may catch yourself waiting for partners to approach you, rather than making the first move. As such, you may fall for someone who's a great talker. It's fine to take a less active role in your dating life — but with a little effort, you can also push against this inertia.
Another thing to watch for — whether you're dating or not — is a tendency to over-analyze, to fixate on little imperfections, and as such, to make mountains out of molehills, Lettman says. "This can cause us to become self-conscious and bring up insecurities within our relationships," she explains. "We may become more picky and more willing to wait around for the perfect moment, or the perfect partner to come along as we're looking for someone who ticks every box and suits our high standards." No one's suggesting you settle, but try to fact-check your concerns with a trusted friend to make sure Venus in Virgo isn't playing with your perceptions.
Your big takeaways while Venus hangs out in Virgo: Give people what they ask for (within reason); show love through service, not words or romantic gestures; be conscious of your insecurities surrounding love; and don't be afraid to make a first move. Overall, it's a delicate transit to navigate — but it doesn't have to be a negative one.

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