The Bachelor Shares Cryptic Tweet Amid Show Rumors

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The Bachelor is usually ridiculously easy to predict, but as of late, the twisted trajectory of the dating reality series has even the most seasoned fans of the show confused. As a result, we’re reading into every move that the ABC franchise makes — even down a seemingly innocuous tweet.
Amidst the behind-the-scenes chaos of the upcoming iteration of The Bachelor starring Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams, The Bachelor’s social media content has mostly focused on posting throwbacks of previous Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons; while Bachelor Nation waits for The Bachelorette, ABC has been re-airing old seasons as part of its Bachelor: Greatest of All Time programming. However, a new tweet from the show’s official Twitter account has the fandom wondering what else it could be up to now.
“It’s in our DNA,” tweeted The Bachelor‘s account hours ago, including a string of rose emojis arranged in the shape of a double helix. And now, I’m on high alert.
At this point, the tweet could be pointing to literally anything. You could read into it literally and take it just as the show tweeting about how love and romance are an integral part of its makeup. Or, like I’m doing right now, you can surmise that another big Bachelor announcement is headed your way.
Bachelor Nation has been in a state of chaos for months since the news that Clare would be the next Bachelorette; Her season has been postponed, rescheduled, moved to a resort, and even cut short before production even wrapped. Right when we were getting exciting about her prospects, Tayshia was flown in to replace her, joined by a number of other Bachelor alums at the La Quinta resort where the show is currently being filmed. Is it Bachelor in Paradise? Insider and resident spoiler Reality Steve says absolutely not, but he could be wrong — why else would all of the familiar faces, some of whom are married and off the market, be on the set? Does no one else smell a Bachelor Pad revival?!
But maybe the tweet isn’t even about Clare and Tayshia; there’s still another person who will be embarking on the path of true love on the show. In a twist of fate, Matt James will be the lead of the next season of The Bachelor. It’s a little early for fans to be theorizing about his run on the series, but we are less than a month away from the typical start date for filming for The Bachelor. Could this be related to our first Black Bachelor?
According to Reality Steve, Matt’s adventure will be east coast-based, playing out in the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Like Clare, Matt won’t be romancing his girlfriends around the world thanks to COVID-19, but the popular Pennsylvania resort might provide a welcome alternative to the norm. I can picture the cozy scene now: Matt snuggled up with some woman in front of a crackling fire only to be interrupted by another woman asking, “Mind if I steal you away?”
Even with all these major things hanging in the balance, my theories about the true context of this tweet could all amount to nothing — we really might just be dealing with a regular-degular social media post from a show about love. Either way, I've got my eye on The Bachelor. Whatever it is, if it even is anything, just remember that I told you so.

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