Kaia Gerber Just Dyed Her Hair Pink Over Zoom

Quarantine has drastically changed our beauty routines — for better or worse — but it hasn't eliminated our desire for change, especially in the hair department. While salons are closed or operating at limited capacity, celebrities are still finding ways to experiment with bold new hair color. There's one hue in particular that's sweeping Hollywood, and it's a fresh, unexpected shade of bubblegum pink, As of today, Kaia Gerber is the latest celeb to hop on the bandwagon.
The model was recently spotted out rocking a fresh pink bob, which isn't her first drastic hair change since being cooped up at home. In April, Gerber fessed up to using hydrogen peroxide to lift her hair a few shades. "I literally put the straight peroxide on my hair and then dried it with a blowdryer — just to hit it with heat — and it lightened my color a shade or two, just a subtle change," Gerber told Refinery29.
Photo: Backgrid.
Kaia Gerber was spotted in Malibu on Sunday with a pink bob.
Since then, the star's gone even blonder, adding a full head of platinum white highlights that she dubbed "zoom bleach." The gradual transformation, many colorists would say, makes it even easier for Gerber to experiment with colors like pastel pink.
According to Gerber's Instagram, the model actually dyed her hair pink herself — with the help of hair pro Guido Palau who offered guidance remotely. "Thank you @guidopalau for entertaining my hair adventures in quarantine, I have a new appreciation for your craft. sparing you guys the full hour it took to get to this color, but here’s a clip of my attempt!" Gerber captioned the IGTV.
In the video, Gerber said she's always wanted to have pink hair. "We might as well try it now!" she said, attributing quarantine to her newfound experimentation. "I've always loved people who just do whatever they want with their hair, " she added. As she donned gloves and got to work, Palau offered his approval, "It looks really good Kai," he said. "I never thought I'd have colored hair, but here we are," she responded.
Later in their conversation, Palau revealed that Gerber's ultimate hair inspiration is the late Kurt Cobain. "Honestly the first time I had you cut my hair was because I wanted to look like Kurt Cobain," Gerber said. "Slowly every year I take another step."
After chopping and bleaching her hair, Gerber said it's opened up so many possibilities. "I think it's the initial fear of doing it, and then once you do it, you're like... Oh," said Gerber. "I feel like when I cut my hair, it changed my life a lot because I felt more like my own person."
With her fresh at-home color, the model joins Ava Phillippe, Keke Palmer, Faith Hill, and Sarah Michelle Geller in the newly pink club. So, if you've been debating a pastel-tinted wash of feel-good color, we say the time is now. If Gerber can do it, so can you.
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