Only One Of The Fugitives From Netflix’s World’s Most Wanted Has Been Caught

Photo: Courtesy of netflix.
Before an episode of Netflix's new docuseries World's Most Wanted even ends, you'll find yourself wondering — or maybe more accurately, worrying — whether these notorious criminals are still out there. So let's get this out of the way right now — all but one of them are. This in depth series shows how these bad guys (and one bad gal) have managed to thwart the authorities at every turn. Heads up, fake passports play an important role here.
Over the course of five episodes, World's Most Wanted profiles a drug kingpin, a war profiteer, a Russian crime boss, a mafia don, and a female terrorist of mythic proportions. They do this by sitting down with the police officials, government operatives, journalists, and victims who want to see them finally brought to justice. What viewers learn is that this is easier said than done. These smooth criminals have the help of government officials, terrorist allies, and fellow offenders who are all too happy to help them stay hidden.
That’s why there is little to celebrate in these stories of cat and mouse, but there is a lot to learn from these exhaustive manhunts. That's not to say you won't feel angry and frustrated after watching this stranger than fiction Netflix series, which shows how power and money manage to keep the most unsavory of characters out of jail.
Still, when World's Most Wanted is all said and done, you'll likely find yourself wanting to know more about these infamous figures and where they are now.

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