If You’re Ready For More Waco On Netflix, Watch These Docs ASAP

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Network.
By now you've probably watched Waco on Netflix, the gory, true retelling of the story of David Koresh and his Branch Davidian compound in Texas.
The series, starring Taylor Kitsch, Michael Shannon, and John Leguizamo, might seem like a documentary, as it’s a true and terrible saga. If you'd like to more about the story about disagreements over religious freedom, the boundaries of the federal government, and what it means to be a legitimate religion, there are plenty of documentaries that break down the events that came to a head in 1993 on a ranch in Waco, TX.
The documentaries tell both the official version of what happened to spark such a confrontation, and some delve into theories about why, and what mistakes were made – on both sides.

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