18 Movies On Netflix That Have Serious Fatal Affair Vibes

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
By now you’ve probably succumbed to Netflix’s latest dramatic thriller, and one of its current Top 10 most popular watches, Fatal Affair. Now that you’ve made it all the way to the end of Nia Long’s dangerous entanglement with Omar Epps’ David, I’d wager you have a craving for more cheesy movies about murder, betrayal, and infatuation. 
Sometimes, the perfect Saturday night is not one filled with Academy Award winning films, but one spent watching characters like Ellie (Long) and David (Epps) from Fatal Affair have a romantic entanglement that turns deadly. The more dramatic and outlandish, the better.
If your first thought as the Fatal Affair credits rolled was I need more of this, you’re in luck. Your queue is about to be overflowing with these hidden gems, each one equally salacious and entertaining as your new fav. These movies absolutely have a few plot holes, some questionable dialog, and a ton of overacting, but if you're craving movies like Fatal Affair, that's exactly what you're after. And because not all of us have sprung for a Lifetime Movie Network subscription, every one of these psychological thrillers is currently streaming on Netflix. If you need a breather at any point, though, may we suggest Indian Matchmaking?

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