If You’re Obsessed With Dan Stevens’ Singing In Eurovision, This May Disappoint You

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The internet is obsessed with Dan Stevens's character in Netflix's Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga and, honestly, can you blame them? From Alexander Lemtov's Lion King vibes to his BDE, which is way too big to fit in those tight leather pants of his, he's the greatest showman. (Sorry, Hugh Jackman, maybe next year.) However, it's Lemtov's singing voice that has everyone going crazy. The thing is, and you might want to sit down for this, that's not actually Dan Stevens singing in Eurovision Song Contest.
To fans of Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, that might be a shock. After all, Stevens's version of the Beast sang like a damn angel. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic kept fans from hearing his take on the billionaire Russian's song "Lion Of Love," an erotic banger that isn't just about his love for big cats.
In an interview with Vulture, Stevens explained that the original plan was for his vocals to be mixed with Swedish singer Eric Mjönes. A blending technique was how Rachel McAdams become the film's golden-voiced Sigrit, the female half of the Icelandic duo, Fire Saga. The actress's vocals were combined with the voice of Swedish pop star Molly Sandén's for Eurovision Song Contest.
Steven explains that he was "singing onstage to Eric’s track" when they were shooting the film, "and I think the plan was for me to go into the booth and sing it, but then the world got turned upside down." Due to the coronavirus lockdown, Stevens, like everyone else, was unable to leave his house, which made it impossible for him to record the song before the film hit Netflix.
While those seductive dance moves were all Stevens' — with help from a strict push-up regimen. "There were a lot of push-ups," Stevens said in a USA Today interview. "Lemtov's got his chest out all the time and I'm surrounded by these four incredible professional dancers, all shirtless and in insane shape. I had to keep up." That big operatic voice is Mjönes's and Mjönes's only, which is just fine by the actor.
"Eric’s singing style is so perfect for the song," he told Vulture of Mjönes's voice, which sounds similar to Russian contestants of Eurovision past like Philipp Kirkorov. "I think it’s great, and it fits really neatly," Stevens said. "I’m delighted with it."
The internet clearly is, too. However, should any fans start a petition for a Stevens cut of the Eurovision Song Contest, they probably won't have trouble getting enough signatures. Just sayin'.
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