These Are The 15 Shows Netflix Just Renewed

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

When we talk about the future of beloved Netflix shows, it’s the heartbreaking outcomes that usually get all the publicity. Take, for example, the spate of series the streamer has cancelled since 2020 began. 
However, we all need some good news right now. Mercifully, there is some: the fact that Netflix also renews many of its fan-favorite Original Series. Although controversial series like Insatiable have already premiered their last episode, many other shows will be coming back to Netflix soon as we look towards 2021.
We’re here to help you keep track of those thriving dramas, comedies, and reality shows, so you know exactly what you can expect from a new season and when those new chapters will premiere. Keep reading for those precise details. Plus, you’ll also get the scoop on whatever fun social media secrets are hiding out there as your favorite series enter production. 
At least one thriller is promising a “Chekov’s dildo” in the near future, so you know that will be worth the wait.

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