Your Horoscope This Week

We start our week off with high hopes. On Sunday, the Moon waxes into her first quarter in social Libra on Sunday at 4:15 a.m. EST. We may be tempted to project our expectations onto others, and we can expect miscommunications as the Moon forms a square against a retrograde Mercury. We’ll have to practice patience, and give others the benefit of the doubt. Ambitious Mars creates a sextile with taskmaster Saturn as well, making it much easier for us to stay focused. Tuesday is a busy day, celestially: Generous Jupiter forms a conjunction with powerful Pluto Retrograde, drawing our attention outward, toward our communities. It’s a good day to meditate on how we can make small steps towards creating a healthier world. We may also see the results of some changes we set in motion long ago, as a retrograde Mercury creates a sextile with transformative Uranus, inviting us to revisit perspective-shifting conversations, and helping our words carry more weight with others. Finally, the Sun is conjunct with Mercury retrograde in sentimental Cancer, which may imbue the day with a sense of nostalgia. We might feel tempted to pull out the photo album for a happy walk down memory lane. On Wednesday, the Sun forms a sextile with dynamic Uranus, a transit that opens the mind to new possibilities, and a retrograde Saturn makes his way into hard-working Capricorn. When the ringed planet moves in reverse, he asks us to take more responsibility for our actions. This day spurs us to be ultra conscious of our impact on the world — not a bad lesson to learn right now. 

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