Cardi B Got 3 Piercings In One Night — & Recorded The Entire Process

Photo: JB Lacroix/Getty Images.
Celebrities debut new piercings so often, you almost start to wonder if they even experience pain like the rest of us. With no inside look at the process, there's no way of knowing whether or not they wince when the needle goes through. Leave it to Cardi B to give a real-deal peek at every step of getting her latest piercings — pained reactions and all.
The rapper took to Instagram to share a series of videos that show her getting multiple piercings on her chest and one on her lip. The two new dermal piercings are placed underneath one she already had to create a vertical line down her chest; she also redid her labret piercing, which sits beneath the bottom lip. The videos give a step-by-step look of the puncturing process — along with Cardi's reactions as she holds her partner Offset's hand. "That one hurt," she repeatedly shouts during the second dermal piercing.
Pleased with the results, Cardi showed off the final look in a separate video, where she also shared with her followers that she has to remove her top dermal chest piercing. "I got to take this one off because this one is old. You all know I've been having this one for a long time, but whatever," she says. 
Cardi has been a roll when it comes to at-home transformations. This week alone, she had a multi-toned pink pixie wig installed before rocking a similar style in blue. She also recently refreshed her colorful peacock tattoo that hugs her thigh, hip, and back after ten years. There's no telling what beauty change the rapper will go for next, but it seems that she's making the most of her time at home.
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