Beyoncé Demands Justice In Passionate Letter As Breonna Taylor’s Killers Still Walk Free

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Your social media timelines may have resumed their normal activity following the trendy black squares, but the uprising against racism hasn't lost any steam following the global protests demanding justice for the countless Black people who have lost their lives at the hands of police violence. Breonna Taylor was one of those victims of police brutality, and Beyoncé is doing everything in her power to make sure that justice is served.
On March 13, police officers in Louisville, KY burst into Taylor's home serving a “no-knock warrant” that allowed them to enter the private residence without announcing themselves. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired his gun at the officers because he thought that their apartment was being broken into, and they allegedly emptied more than 20 rounds in response — killing 26-year-old Taylor in the crossfire.
It took months for Taylor's case to make national news, and as people across the country passionately protested against police brutality, her devastating story resurfaced with even more disturbing details. The warrant that the police intended to serve was incorrect to begin with (it was actually for the a pair who lived miles away from the building and had already been apprehended), and her boyfriend was arrested and now faces charges of first-degree assault and attempted murder of a police officer.
To it worse, although Kentucky recently passed a law banning the use of no-knock warrants as a result of public outcry, the three Louisville Metro officers responsible for Taylor's death have not been detained and are currently on administrative leave.
More than three months after the aspiring EMT's death, the world is continuing to #SayHerName, and Beyoncé is now publicly championing her cause. In an open letter to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron shared on her official website, the superstar pointed out the inconsistencies of the LMPD's investigation into the case; the authorities claimed that the officer announced themselves before entering the apartment (which has been denied by eye witnesses) and said that Taylor sustained no injuries in the confrontation (even though she reportedly died from eight bullet wounds).
"Your office has both the power and the responsibility to bring justice to Breonna Taylor and demonstrate the value of a Black woman's life," Beyoncé implored the attorney general. "Don't let this case fall into the pattern of no action after a terrible tragedy."
She then laid out several actionable steps that Attorney General Cameron should take in pursuing justice for the 26-year-old. Beyoncé asked that he bring criminal charges against Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove as well as being transparent about the investigation into Taylor's killing and the officers' conduct. Lastly, she demanded that the LMPD itself be investigated thoroughly for its failure to look into the case.
"Take swift and decisive action in charging the officers," she wrote in conclusion. "The next months cannot look like the last three."
Beyoncé is one of the many celebrities amplifying these demands, and her platform could lead to major developments in the fight for justice. Her husband Jay-Z recently used his pull as an A-lister to speak to Minnesota governor Tim Walz about the death of George Floyd — a conversation that resulted in attorney general Keith Ellison taking up prosecution for the case and the officers responsible being arrested and charged.
It really shouldn't have taken us this long to get here (or celebrities to pressure the government to do its job), but perhaps now we'll be seeing justice for Taylor's precious life sooner than later.

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