Cardi B, Beyoncé & More Are Speaking Out Against The Killing Of George Floyd

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images.
Following the violent killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department, devastated Americans spurred into action. The past few days have seen the streets of almost every major American city lined with protestors seeking tangible justice for the lost lives of Black citizens like Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade at the hands of the police. As tensions mounted between protestors and the police across the country, many of the peaceful gatherings turned dangerous, with thousands of people getting injured and arrested as a result.
Not everyone is on the frontlines of the protests, however. All over the United States and even abroad, people are funneling their resources to contribute to Black Lives Matter in the best way they can. For some, that means sharing updates about the protests. For others, that means donating to funds that will cover bail, first aid, and resources for communities hit hardest by racism. Every effort counts.
More than ever, the Black community needs allies to step up, and some of the biggest names in Hollywood are coming forward to support the radical push for change. Speaking up amidst the chaos of the current events can be difficult, but several celebrities are using their high profile platforms to deliver the message of social justice. They're showing up to protests, giving money to organizations, and sharing necessary knowledge about the deep roots of white supremacy all over the internet.
Pay very close attention to who in Hollywood is taking a stand right now — and to who is staying silent.
Ahead, all the celebrities making their voice be heard in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.
To help bring attention to the police killing of George Floyd, you can sign the petition here, or donate to local organizations like Black Vision Collective or Reclaim the Block via the Minnesota Freedom Fund here.

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