SNL Would Like To Remind Everyone That Prom Season Is Still The Worst

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It’s officially prom season and while it may be virtual this year, some things never change. Leave it to Saturday Night Live to remind you that proms are still the worst in this era of social distancing (as are promposals, which are still as awkward as ever). 
SNL At Home has a digital message “to the girls from the boys” from your favorite SNL girls, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon, pretending to be teenage boys. “What the hell is up girls?” Aiden, played by a short pants, satin tie, backward baseball cap-wearing Bryant, says to some lucky lady.
Surrounded by lo-fi graphics (check out those hearts!) Aiden and Kurt (McKinnon, who added a corsage to her look) lament about not being able to celebrate the “best” night of every teenager's young life due to the “Qdoba virus.” Yep, these boys think the pandemic is named after the Mexican chain restaurant.
Don’t worry, though, these guys are here to “shower you in admirances” and “take you to prom in your fantasies.” And, according to Aiden and Kurt, those fantasies include a very thorough itemized list of events starting with 6 p.m. photos. Though, Kurt swears he would have shown up half an hour early dressed in a tux rented from a Halloween store with his entire family in tow. Classy. 
As for Aiden, well, he wouldn’t give you a carnation corsage. No his would have been 100% baby’s breath. “That’s the breath of a baby, girl,” Aiden promises. He also swears he would buckle-up right up front with the limo driver. Seriously, how does the driver get around those turns?
No time to think about that because now they’re at the prom. The theme is World War II, thanks to Kurt and the rest of the dance committee. Not sure we’d call what Kurt and Aiden are doing dancing though, but it does include a lot of pelvic thrusting and dabbing
They’re hoping their moves will result in a 10:15 makeout sesh. “When it’s time to kiss, I will become distant and sweaty,” McKinnon’s Kurt explains. “Like a first-time bank robber.” There will also be way too many Altoids involved. “You will feel my breath in your eyes,” Aiden notes. 
Maybe it’s a good thing this year’s prom was canceled after all.

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