Kate McKinnon & Aidy Bryant Ring In Fall With SNL’s Dysfunctional Apple Farm

Photo: Will Heath/NBC.
It’s that time of year again. The time of year when everyone wants to do autumn activities, bust out the sweaters from the back of their closets, and remind you that they love Halloween more than everyone else. It’s also the time of year when Saturday Night Live returns with a new season. What better way to commemorate both than two of our favorite SNL cast members, Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant, making fun of one of fall’s most festive activities?
“Cosplaying outdoorsiness” as two sisters, McKinnon and Bryant fall short of enticing viewers to come to Chickham’s Apple Farm, but not of making viewers laugh. Conveniently located “in the part of New York state that has Confederate flags,” visitors can bring home $10 worth of apples for $45. They do have quite a few varieties of apples though, we’ll give them that. “Huge soft, tiny hard, green, orange, and apple,” McKinnon and Bryant take turns listing off.
The testimonials don’t do anything to convince viewers that a day trip upstate is a good idea. Between not being sure if it’s fun even after going, the bees, and the risk of twisting your ankle in a gopher hole, Chickham’s Apple Farm makes a strong case for why you might just want to grab some apples from the store or a nearby farmer’s market
Hank, the man who came with the land (host Woody Harrelson), lets us in on a little secret about the apple picking season. “Our apples are best during a very specific window of time and whenever you come, you just missed it,” he says.
Saturday Night Live is at its best when the cast are trying with everything they have not to break during the sketch. Chris Redd, who gives one of the testimonials, explains, “My girlfriend picked an apple so wrong that she pulled a whole branch off a tree and now Hank says we owe three grand.” This was enough to do McKinnon and Bryant in, and when the camera cuts back to them, they’re trying and failing to hold it together through stifled laughter. They could barely get their words out through near tear-inducing laughs, a moment that quickly becomes the best part the sketch.
McKinnon and Bryant regain their composure just long enough to advertise the other features of their farm, which include a petting zoo with a depressed donkey, a haunted hayride where the local boys take the ghoulish haunting a little too seriously, and the many other fruits they have “in theory.” And who can turn down their cider donuts, also known as “donuts from yesterday”?

Maybe we will just go to the store.

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