PSA: Please Stop Talking About Charli D’Amelio’s Body

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There's a downside to being the most popular creator on TikTok, especially when you're 15. Charli D'Amelio rose to extreme fame on the video app in the past few months thanks to her dance moves and involvement in the infamous Hype House. She even appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. While on the show, she spoke about cyberbullying, something she experienced first hand recently when she was forced to delete a photo of herself in a swimsuit off Instagram.
On Twitter, the Connecticut teen demanded people "STOP TALKING ABOUT MY BODY!" on Monday night.
"it’s not your place to tell me if i’m losing weight or gaining weight," she continued. "why don’t we all just be respectful and understand that we should just be kind and uplift everyone instead of trying to bring others down and i’ve seen these videos about me my friends and complete strangers but it doesn’t matter who you’re doing it to."
According to BuzzFeed, this message came after a photo she posted of herself on Instagram and received comments like, "That is not a woman's body, women's [bodies] are not long like that."
Fellow Hype House member and friend Addison Rae recently spoke out about similar criticism.
"i’ve seen 5-10 tweets & tiktoks today talking negatively about my body and weight," she wrote last week. "it makes me feel insecure, but luckily i’m looking at it in a different light. i’ve been very motivated to start eating better and working out everyday to become the healthiest version of myself!"
And it seems she returned to the platform on Monday to voice her support for D'Amelio.
"it is not your job to judge the appearance of another persons face and/or body," she said.
Body image issues are a particular plague to young stars in the spotlight. Fellow teen sensation Billie Eilish purposefully wears clothes that obscure her figure in order to prevent comments.
“I just hated my body. I would have done anything to be in a different one,” she told Vogue in a February profile. “I really wanted to be a model, really bad, and I was chubby and short. I developed really early. I had boobs at nine. I got my period at 11. So my body was going faster than my brain. It’s funny, because when you’re a little kid, you don’t think of your body at all. And all of a sudden, you look down and you’re, like, whoa. What can I do to make this go away?” 
For the same reason we shouldn't talk about a 15-year-old's love life, we're certainly not going to talk about her body. Actually, let's just not talk about people's bodies no matter their age. Renegade away, please.

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