Your Favorite Toxic Friendship Is Back & Thriving In The Dead To Me Season 2 Trailer

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Pool covers and bleach can’t cover up the lies told by two of Netflix’s most complicated pair of best friends. The trailer for season 2 of Dead to Me has arrived, and if you thought last season’s hit and run cover up of Jen’s husband and a maybe-murder was going to continue to wreak the same sort of havoc in the lives of Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini), you’re wrong. It’s about to get so, so much worse. 
In the season 1 finale of Dead to Me, James Marsden’s Steve (one-time fiancé of Judy, full-time douchebag and money launderer) confronts Jen, searching for Judy. We don’t see what happens during their confrontation, but by the end of it, Judy arrives at Jen’s house and Steve is dead in the pool. Whether Jen killed Steve, or he died some other way, is up for debate, but it seems like the former, because that’s just the sort of mess these two would find themselves involved in. 
Season 2 teases that someone knows what Jen and Judy did to Steve. “I know what you did” is written in big letters on Jen’s garage. Yet it may be more than Judy and Jen keeping secrets from other people. As the noose tightens around Jen’s neck, Judy reminds Jen that she doesn’t have to lie to Judy. Jen gives Judy a look, like maybe that’s not exactly true. After all, security camera footage — which Jen watches alone — shows Jen getting aggressive with Steve. Hmm. 
In addition to the blackmail and the whole “murder” thing, there’s plenty of cute friendship moments between Jen and Judy. Judy bakes Jen her favorite pie. They hug, cry, and do tequila shots at a bar before chewing out a man who asks them to dance. They talk about dissolving Steve in a bathtub. You know, classic girlfriend fodder! 
“I wish you would love yourself more,” Judy laments to Jen. 
Jen may need to work on that, after she pushes all her skeletons deep in the closet. Hey, at least we love these two in all their toxic, despicable ways. 
Watch the trailer below. Dead to Me returns to Netflix May 8.

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