Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood Looks As Dazzling, Sexy, & Dangerous As You’d Expect

More than ever, we need some consistency in life: Ryan Murphy's new Netflix series is here to offer that. As always, his newest TV show Hollywood stars his frequent collaborators David Corenswet, Darren Criss, and Dylan McDermott, and as always, it looks absolutely batshit cuckoo bananas. The trailer for the Netflix series dropped Monday morning, and it takes us back to post-World War II Hollywood when a group of actors across race and sexual orientation are struggling to break into the business. In the series, Murphy imagines what it would have been like if they were actually able to dismantle Hollywood's racist and sexist and otherwise prejudiced structures way back when, and how that would have changed film history as we know it. Also, there's a lot of sex.
The show introduces us to a number of storylines that end up rapidly intertwining. There's Jack (Corenswet), who returns from war with dreams of becoming an actor, but also has to support his growing family with Henrietta (Maude Apatow). Up-and-coming director Raymond (Criss) teams up with aspiring screenwriter Archie (Jeremy Pope) in hopes of not just writing Hollywood's next hit, but also carving out a path to a new, more diverse community on screen. Then there's hopeful actors like Camille (Laura Harrier), Claire (Samara Weaving) and Rock (Jake Picking) who want their first big breaks. For the men at least, they all end up at one place: Golden Tip Gas.
Run by Ernie (McDermott), the gas station functions as more than just a fill-up spot. It's also the only way to get to "Dreamland," the code word used by clients who want to get serviced in more ways than one by the dapper men who work at the station. What ensues is a chaotic story about success, sex, race, and fame — so basically, your classic Ryan Murphy binge-watch.
The limited series Hollywood arrives on Netflix May 1. Watch the first trailer below.

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