Your Horoscope This Week

This week kicks off Taurus season. As the Sun makes his way into material Taurus on Sunday, our physical needs are emphasized. Our focus shifts to how we can create a stable foundation for ourselves during this transit. It’s a good time to start creating small, positive new routines. On Tuesday, though, motivation may dip as the Sun forms a square against taskmaster Saturn. On this day, we’ll want to remember to be kind to ourselves. We may feel tempted to seek approval from others, but we should avoid it — it’s time to stand on our own two feet. On Wednesday at 10:25 p.m. EST, the Moon begins a fresh new cycle in Taurus. This new phase forms a conjunction with transformative Uranus and squaring against restrictive Saturn. This energy helps us move away from old thinking, allowing us to imagine new possibilities for ourselves. On Saturday, messenger Mercury creates a square against powerful Pluto. We could be tempted to over-dramatize or pressure others into accepting our opinions. It will take intention, but it’s a good day to watch our words, to avoid digging our heels into the ground, and to stay open to new perspectives. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, moves retrograde in Capricorn on Saturday as well, giving us the opportunity to understand the things that are holding us back. This transit allows us to confront our shadow selves and helps to reveal what we give power to, and how we can free ourselves from redundant ways of living. Learn to let go.

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