Watch These Videos If You Have Questions About Your Taxes

Photographed by Erika Long.
Just thinking about filing taxes is enough to send even the most organized individual down a procrastination rabbit hole. Why deal with the minutia of deadlines and forms when you could be looking up the exact watering schedule to help your succulents thrive? Or maybe it's finally time to dig into the complicated world of sourdough starters. Sound familiar?
As part of Refinery29's video series Money Talks, we worked with accountants and financial experts to answer, explain, and debunk some of the most common questions and myths surrounding taxes. Don't understand what a 1040 form is? No problem! Want to file your taxes online, but not sure if it's safe? We've got you covered. No question is too big or too small for this series of nine videos, which we hope will leave you feeling much more confident about your taxes, no matter where you are in the process.
Ahead, find a complete guide to all the questions you've always been too embarrassed to ask about taxes. And a friendly reminder, the new federal income tax return deadline this year is July 15, 2020. Now go forth and file!

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