Kim Kardashian Isn’t Paying Enough Attention To Her Kids, According To North West

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It’s week five (I think — the days are blurring together at this point) of social distancing for many in the United States, and staying indoors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus hasn’t gotten any easier. Cabin fever is a real thing; just ask Kim Kardashian West and her daughter North.
The Office of the Governor of California recruited the reality star to film a helpful public service announcement encouraging California residents to continue staying at home during the pandemic, but even she admitted that social distancing was a struggle. Kardashian West is currently self-isolating with her husband Kanye and their four kids, and as every mom knows, being with your children 24 hours a day every single day is...a lot.
As she tried to deliver the PSA to the camera, Kardashian West found herself getting distracted by the antics of her oldest, 6-year-old North. Her daughter promptly inserted herself into the conversation, adding her two cents (as kids do) whenever possible. 
“Give me two seconds to seriously do this,” Kardashian West pleaded with North, who was quite literally jumping up and down on the bed during the video. 
Shifting her attention back to the camera, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared some tips for keeping connected while social distancing, which included reaching out to friends and family members. But North had some thoughts of her own regarding the way her mom spent her time.
"You should be more busy of your kids — not your friends!" North said pointedly off-camera, bringing a sheepish smile to her mom's face.
"Facts," Kardashian West grinned in response.
Last week, North crashed a different video of her mom's. Hiding from her kids in a guest room bathroom, Kardashian West attempted to film a makeup tutorial, but North had other plans. "North, can I please just do my little tutorial?" Kardashian West begs her eldest in the clip. "It's all I want to do, is one little fun thing for myself."
Mother and daughter will be spending even more time together in the coming days because Los Angeles county extended its stay-at-home mandate until the middle of May. So, North may be getting her wish after all.
COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic. Go to the CDC website for the latest information on symptoms, prevention, and other resources.

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