If You’re Not Doing The Toosie Slide This Weekend, How Are You Even Online?

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/HBO.
On Friday night, Drake released a new music video for his single “Toosie Slide” and it’s already starting a new dance craze on TikTok (of course). 
The rapper bounces around a mansion (probably his, based on the room full of music awards), wearing a mask and gloves, while demonstrating the moves for the dance. “It goes right foot up, left foot slide / Left foot up, right foot slide.” Sounds pretty simple, and it’s already catching on. 
He actually got dancer and producer Toosie, along with dancers Ayo & Teo and Hiii Key, to create some dance moves for his new song, according to Rolling Stone. The dancers started posting the moves on their social media, and naturally everyone else wanted to try the fun dance (everyone’s bored!).
Ayo & Teo even created a how-to video that they shared on Instagram and TikTok.
DJ Khaled, who has a verse in the track and never met a viral moment he didn’t like, hopped on with his wife and showed how to do the new dance in pajamas.
Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown showed off dance skills we didn’t know she had, serving up her take on the viral trend.

I should be embarrassed, but I need something to show from my poorly executed late night dancing. ##toosieslide ##fyp

♬ Toosie Slide - Drake
Marshmello also hopped on the trend, headgear and all.
The #toosieslide hashtag on TikTok is currently tracking at an astonishing 21.8 million views.
Dancer KooSung’s take on the dance has almost 100,000 views and is so much fun.
And dancer YungBBQ has more than 200,000 views on her living room take on the craze.
Drake is no stranger to dance challenges — quarantine or not — as the “In My Feelings” challenge helped propel the song up the charts in the summer of 2018. Instagram comedian Shiggy created the dance challenge, which made its way around the globe, with celebs such as Will Smith and Ciara giving it their own spin.

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