Peter Weber Reads His Own Hate Comments & They’re Brutal

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To say Peter Weber ended up being an unpopular Bachelor is an understatement, but he's perhaps even more hated on TikTok. The 28-year-old finished his season of the reality show by ending things with winner Hannah Ann Sluss and getting back together with runner-up Madison Prewett...for two days. Now, he's been spotted spending time with contestant Kelley Flanagan, first on the streets of Chicago, and now on TikTok — and he's being absolutely roasted for it.
The pilot has appeared in two videos on the app that have caught people's attention, including one in which both he and Kelley appear on screen alongside fellow Bachelor Nation resident Dustin Kendrick. Later, Weber posted a video on his own personal TikTok in which he's seen in what appears to be Kelley's apartment, but that's not what people are focused on. Instead the comments are filled with people cringing so hard at Peter's attempt to fit in on the app. Things got so brutal that he decided to read them aloud on Instagram (and tagged Kelley in the video, FYI).
"'Peter, don't ever do this again,'" he reads in the video, laughing before stumbling upon another gem: "Someone put this man's voodoo doll down right now."
Other comments include: "I didn't think I could watch something worse than his season but I was wrong," and "this triggered my fight or flight."
It's one thing to get criticized by a bunch of strangers, but it's another thing entirely when your friends start coming for you. Tyler Cameron, who was a contestant alongside Peter on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, also called out his cringy TikTok.
"Hey @dustinbkendrick I’m going to need you to grab Peters phone right now and delete the Tik Tok app," he wrote on Twitter.
Let's remember that Tyler knows what he's talking about. He himself has a successful TikTok account called The Quarantine Crew, which includes BFF Matt James and ex Hannah Brown.

Find out more about the crew ##fyp ##foryou ##thequarantinecrew ##questionchallenge @matthewhayball on the Aussie vocals

♬ original sound - thequarantinecrew
Here's the thing: The U.S. has at least another month of quarantine ahead. That's plenty of time for Peter to learn the ropes of TikTok — and go through about two more girlfriends.

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