Did You Miss The Game Of Thrones Cameo In Last Night’s Westworld?

Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO.
The crossover we've all been waiting for went down (kind of) during last night's Westworld. The second episode of the long-awaited third season finally introduced us to the real thing we've been waiting for: another park. While the dully-titled "Park Four" may not sound like the most exciting, that's likely because the name "Medieval Times" was taken. It's filled with knights, musicians, and...David Benioff and Dan Weiss.
The Game Of Thrones creators and fellow HBO darlings appear as lab techs when Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) go deep into the new park in search of Maeve (Thandie Newton).
"We're friends with both Dan and David, who are lovely human beings," Westworld creator Jonathan Nolan told The Hollywood Reporter. "They have been incredibly supportive and friendly with us as we were getting our show up and running. George R.R. Martin as well. George has frequently pitched a crossover episode. When the time came for Luke and Jeffrey's characters to be wandering around in the bowels of the Mesa, we could not resist."
While knights and dragons are a far cry from the wild west, the park is actually taken right from the original feature film on which Westworld is based.
"So this was an opportunity to pay homage not only to that, but also to [Game of Thrones], the show that created the opportunity for us to do this show," Nolan continued.
He said including Benioff and Weiss was their way of thanking the creators for paving the path for their similarly-ambitious HBO series.
"Dan and David very kindly obliged and agreed to come hang out with us on set for a night — and they brought one of their big fire-breathing friends with them," he added.
While Nolan may see this as a one-time cameo, it finally opens the door for a more significant alliance between the two shows. It begs the question: Was all of Game Of Thrones just one theme-park loop?

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