Everything You Need To Know About Westworld’s Surprise New Park

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When the first scene of Sunday night's episode of Westworld opened in what looked like India, it took me a while to get my bearings. Was this real life? Was this a park? Who is and isn't a robot? Turns out, "Raj World" — called The Raj on the Delos Destinations website — is something Redditors had been predicting for some time, with user EightB1ts outlining their theory two months ago after the initial trailer for season 2 was released. Now, we finally got to see it in all its glory — you know, before the hosts started revolting and turning it into a bloodbath.
But that is worth noting: It's not just the hosts of Westworld who are turning on the humans, it's hosts all over, confirming that this is one larger narrative that ties together the six parks we know exist.
The short amount of "Raj World" that we glimpsed at the beginning of the episode unlocked some other key mysteries, as well. We now know where the bengal tiger who washed up in the first episode came from, and also somewhat how all the parks connect. Both Westworld and "Raj World," at least, butt up against a giant ravine. It stands to reason then that all the parks are perhaps connected by this body of water.
But there are also just as many questions. We still only know three of six total parks, and it's unclear how similar revolts are unfolding in all of them. Does Raj World have its own Delores, a host who has become aware and is organizing a similar takeover? Or does Delores speak for all the hosts in Westworld, "Raj World," Shogunworld, and beyond?
If anything, this episode has revealed just how huge of a mess Delos really has on their hands — and just how much can really go wrong in two weeks.
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