You Can Totally Work From Home With These Playlists

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Most of America is working from home for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic, which means most of America is learning how to work from home. It's a totally different beast than being in the office, a lot of people are coming to find out.
One big change for workers, especially those who are used to the hum and buzz of an open office, is how quiet it can be when you're home alone all day.
To help break the silence (or break the monotony), we've pulled together some of the best playlists of music that will help with your concentration. Touching on classical, jazz, lofi, and unique influences, these playlists will help you concentrate, give you some background noise that's less distracting than putting the TV on, and lift your spirits. There's music for every kind of mood, from the times your working industriously to the times you need to take a break from the computer and get pumped up.


You're aware of all the greats and surely can find that Brahms playlist on your own. Give some excellent Japanese composers in the classical tradition a shot instead.
Instead of the average classical guitar playlist, check out some Indian classical music. Their use of instruments that are typically omitted from Western traditions, like the sitar and sarod, give the compositions a fresh twist.
Put a modern twist on classic instrumentation with composer Ramin Djawadi's scores for Westworld and Game of Thrones. The former has a lot of modern alt-rock songs reinterpreted for piano.
And the latter has a lot of modern takes on what the music of an imaginary middle Earth may have been like, inspired by British and Irish folk music.


If you're going to listen to some jazz, why not go to one of the greatest authorities out there? Verve Records, the premier jazz label in America, curated this excellent playlist that will keep you tapping your toes and bopping in your seat.
Restaurants and bars may be closed where are, but create the vibe you love with this playlist of French jazz for an outdoor cafe. It's perfect for a coffee break or just to keep your fingers flying.


If hearing some song lyrics doesn't distract you (or if you just need music to take a break to and have a dance party), Refinery29's playlist of inspirational songs will get you going.
If a shot of girl power, straight from the mouths of the women who you love most, is what will get you going, we've got a playlist for that too.
You can also check out all the songs we're obsessed with right now at Refinery29. It's got new stuff, big hits, all-time faves, and artists you should know!


Take the tempo all the way down and help yourself concentrate with study beats made up of lofi hip hop inspired compositions.
Pokémon and chill? It's also a great lofi beats collection that will soothe your mind and keep your fingers typing.
Lofi beats but make them reflective and relaxing? Yes, that is a thing!
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