SoulCycle’s At-Home Streaming Bike Is Finally Here

Calling all SoulCycle lovers: The cult-favorite workout is finally bringing the unforgettable in-studio experience into the comfort of your own home. In a partnership with Equinox Media, the two brands are announcing the official rollout of Variis, a streaming platform that provides an immense amount of on-demand fitness content, from cycling to HIIT, right at your fingertips. And, yes, this includes a long awaited at-home version of their famous bikes.
Beginning March 13, 2020, an early release of the Variis app will be made available to Equinox members as part of a phased market rollout, included with their membership. The SoulCycle at-home bike is available for pre-order on March 13 for $2,500 (the price includes five in-studio SoulCycle classes, shipping, and handling).
An additional fee of $40 a month will give bike owners on-demand access to cycling classes through the Variis app — which includes content from brands such as Precision Run, Pure Yoga, HeadStrong (a meditation podcast), and Myodetox (a recovery program). "These are brands that have never been brought to the on-demand space," Jason LaRose, Equinox Media CEO, exclusively tells Refinery29. As of right now, the price for a standalone subscription to the app, without a gym membership or bike, has not yet been determined. 
"The most important thing for us is to bring that real-life experience to your home," La Rose says. "You'll have instructors, on podiums, taking you through what a ride would look like in studio."
Melanie Griffith, a master instructor at SoulCycle, adds: "Our at-home experience is a great addition for riders who want more flexibility, and an amazing option for those who otherwise haven't been able to access our studios."
SoulCycle and Equinox are hugely popular in coastal cities and major metropolitan areas and have both built large and loyal followings — despite last summer's controversy about Stephen Ross, an Equinox investor, holding a fundraiser for President Trump's re-election campaign.
So many, from fervent fans to faraway admirers, have been waiting for a product like this, especially given the popularity of other at-home streaming bikes like Peloton. But the wait is finally over, and now everyone, even if a SoulCycle doesn't exist in their city or town, can experience one of their candlelit rides.

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