Chrissy Teigen Reveals She Got Fired From Three Modeling Jobs

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Chrissy Teigen isn't afraid to open up. Whether it's about intuitive parenting or being married to the Sexiest Man Alive, the mom of two likes to share. In a new interview, she reveals even more about the body image issues she experienced as a swimsuit model.
"I used to weigh myself every morning, afternoon and night. I knew what the scales would say after each meal," the cookbook author said to Glamour UK. "I did that for eight years and had this one weight I wanted to be at. That changed with Luna, and really changed with Miles, where it took me a year to be comfortable with my new normal number."
Teigen has been fairly open on Twitter about accepting her new body postpartum — but that wasn't always the case during her time as a model.
"That was my entire career, doing weigh-ins. With model agencies, it was normal to get measured too, and I did it myself mainly, so when you had direct bookings without castings, [the clients] knew what they were getting," Teigen explained. "There were jobs I would turn up to and they would say my measurements were off and it was the worst feeling to be kicked off the job."
"It happened three times," she continued. "The client had booked me directly. I had half my make-up done and they asked me to get up and take a few photos, to test the light. But they sent [the pictures] to my agency and the client fired me on the spot. I didn’t do any jobs without first going to a casting meeting for years after that."
Getting fired from your job is one thing, but when that job is based off of your physical appearance, it's even harder. With all that in the past, Teigen is moving on and learning to appreciate her body for what it is.
"I do look at [my body] in the shower and think, ‘Arghhh, these kids.' But I don’t take the aesthetics so seriously now," she said. "It’s very fulfilling not having that pressure of putting on a swimsuit and looking good for a magazine while running around a beach, which I did when I was modeling."
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