Tammy Was Destined To Have A Rough Bachelor: Women Tell All

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Women who start drama on The Bachelor always have to answer for their actions at the Women Tell All, and that's exactly what Tammy Ly will be doing on Monday. Tammy had conflicts with Kelsey Weier and Mykenna Dorn during her time on The Bachelor, and both women will be seeking answers when they're all on the WTA stage together.
Tammy's first issue was with Kelsey after Kelsey got upset and began crying over Sydney Hightower getting the one-on-one date. Kelsey was sad that Peter was dating multiple people, and confided in Tammy about her frustration. Tammy was understandably irked by this, because that's the show they signed up for. But Tammy took things too far, attacking Kelsey's crying and drinking habits and even accusing her of abusing prescription drugs, which Kelsey flatly denied. Tammy also told Kelsey to just "wither away in bottles of wine" and also called her "crazy" and "nuts." It was all really out of line. 
The following week, Tammy turned her attention to Mykenna instead. Tammy went after Mykenna for her young age (Mykenna was 22 when she filmed the show) and for allegedly using the show just to build her brand. Tammy was back at it with the name-calling, accusing Mykenna of being "immature" and childish. Their fight escalated to the point that the show put Tammy and Mykenna on a two-on-one date, which is usually designed to stoke the fire between two already feuding contestants. That's exactly what happened, but Mykenna stood up for herself with a speech about the importance of being kind, and Tammy was eliminated shortly after.
A couple of days after her elimination episode aired, Tammy took to Twitter to extend a non-specific apology to "anyone" she may have hurt. "Ok I'm going to address this once and for all- remember that this is a show. I do take responsibility for my actions and I never intended to hurt anyone. I am very sorry to those I did hurt but my heart was never coming from a intentional malicious place." 
However, a preview clip released by TV Insider shows that Tammy doesn't really back down on the WTA. "I know that Kelsey was upset when Sydney went off on her one-on-one," Tammy says. "Like, whether we were close or not, you weren't doing OK and I was concerned." Mykenna then jumped in to claim that Tammy's complaints about Kelsey began before the Sydney conversation even happened, and that back in Cleveland Tammy "[was] like, '[Kelsey] cries too much. When is she is she not fucking crying?'" The clip also showed contestant Lexi Buchanan quickly coming to Kelsey's defense against Tammy. 
That's only a snippet of the Tammy drama, which took over two whole episodes of The Bachelor. Expect it to be a big portion of the WTA on Monday, but don't expect Tammy to do any apologizing.

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