A Quick Refresher On Lexi’s Stake In The Alayah Drama On Peter’s Bachelor Season

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The Bachelor is literally crafted to be overly dramatic, but Peter Weber's season hit the ground running with the crying, screaming, and champagne spilling. We had pageant queens, missing alcohol, liars, (alleged) cheaters, wrong reasons, and more — and that was just in like, the first three episodes. Usually, the women on The Bachelor pretend to like each other for a little bit before baring their teeth over a bland twenty-something man. The Bachelor's Lexi Buchanan, who, according to ABC bio, went on the show because it's "hard to date" as a redhead, really, really wanted to get to know Peter. But it just never happened. But that might be because of how she spent her time at Bachelor Mansion.
You might remember Lexi as the first in a string of women to dole out anti-Alayah Benavidez evidence to Peter early on in the season. But to be fair, Lexi wasn't the only one stuck talking about the drama in the house instead of spending as much time with Peter as possible. Everything quickly became about house drama and then Peter would continually overthink and cancel cocktail parties and rose ceremonies. Lexi did what she had to do to get that screen time (and thus more time with Peter, in theory), but in the end, it wasn't enough to keep her on the show.
But in case you forgot, there were two conflicts in particular that brought Lexi off the ropes, and in honor of Women Tell All, let's revisit them, shall we?

First, Who Is Lexi?

Lexi didn't make the biggest impression on Peter at first, because during the cocktail party in episode 2, he basically had no idea who she was. She stole him away, and he was like, "Yes, sure, kind lady, I will go with you, by the way, who are you?" She had to connect her red hair and the fact that she showed up on night one in a vintage Chevy to jog his memory. That's a tough blow right there. He got there, though. But damn.
It was about this time that Lexi also got to go on the REVOLVE fashion modeling date, which is arguably more important than making Peter remember you — to paraphrase judge Carson Kressley during that group date, you can depend more on a good cashmere sweater than a boyfriend. (Looking back at some of my old boyfriends, I have to agree.)
After the show, she's still single according to her Instagram, so she might just be reciting that tip from Carson right about now.

How Was Lexi Involved With The Alayah Stuff?

If you didn't watch this season of The Bachelor, you probably made the right decision. If you did, like I did, I'm sorry for us both. But to refresh a little about Alayah, I'll say this — she came, she personified drama, she left, she came back, she wreaked havoc, she left again. For a separate refresher on the Alayah drama, click here. Alayah was the lightning rod for Peter's season, and though this next move never, ever works out, the other ladies (including Lexi) decided to tell Peter that who Alayah was to Peter and who Alayah was to the rest of the ladies was not the same person. Lexi told Peter that "everyone turns it on a bit for the cameras" but Alayah supposedly took it to an extreme level.
One major difference — at least from what we saw on the show — is that Lexi at least told Alayah the same thing she told Peter, which is that she thought Alayah was only coming back to The Bachelor to keep herself on television, rather than coming back for Peter. “You’re not coming back to clear your name. You’re coming back to get back on the show," is what she said, to be exact. "You would have stayed home and waited for the Women Tell All to clear your name." Lexi had a point, even though the producers were the ones who kept Alayah around; still, Alayah could have easily gone home if she wanted to.
But in case you're wondering, Lexi's last-ditch efforts to warn Peter about Alayah didn't help her connection with the Bachelor, and she was sent packing soon after.
The Bachelor is a balancing act — you need to avoid being a doormat or a wallflower, without becoming so much of a troublemaker that fans turn on you. Lexi seemed to stay out of all of those traps, and even though she didn't get the guy, I'm sure she'll land on her feet.

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