Khloe Kardashian’s Bedazzled Febreze Spon-Con Has The Internet Scratching Its Head

Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images.
When Barbara Walters told the Kardashian sisters that they "have no talent," she unwittingly challenged the Kar-Jenner clan to upend everything we knew about celebrity, social media, fame, and marketing. Good or bad, the Kardashians have actually and tangibly changed the game: selfie-made faces are now assets on Instagram and so are appropriative behinds. Paparazzi shots of their fast food runs have become a stage to showcase the latest from Yeezy.
With their Instagram empires, the famous family has proven that there is no one item too ridiculous to be photographed with. They can arguably be credited with helping build influencer culture as we know and love-hate it today. And the incomparable Kardashian work ethic is responsible for the latest from Khloé: sponsored content featuring bejeweled Febreze bottles.
To her credit, this shoot fits right in with the pastel dreamscape she's curated on her grid. With all the light flares, possibly courtesy of Hujis, Khloé Kardashian's Instagram feed is true to its mid-2000's roots. The soft pink lighting of the third image is surely proof that Khloé has TikTok lights in her home. She, in fact, uses a colored light bulb in the lamp on her bedside table.
Bedazzling is an oddly popular rich-Youtuber trend, whoever had these bottles blinged-out likely used Jeffree Star's or Trisha Paytas' bling-person. But home products are Khloé's jam. She is almost as famous for how much thought she puts into her home as she is for her revolutionary denim brand. If you have tall jars of meticulously-stacked Oreos, or if you have big plans to reorganize your pantry, you may have been influenced by Khloé. 
She calls herself Khlo-Money for a reason. And no matter how many seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians are filmed, Khloé is showing us that the baby sister has to work hard to earn her keep.
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