The Trailer For Pete Davidson’s Netflix Special Is Extremely Pete Davidson

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Now you can watch Pete Davidson's comedy without him yelling at you for using your phone or signing an NDA. His first stand-up special is coming to Netflix later this month, and the trailer shows that despite his rough two years, he hasn't lost his sense of humor.
The special, titled Alive From New York in reference to his work on Saturday Night Live, promises "unfiltered anecdotes." The trailer gives a taste of just one, in which Davidson laments the pass he feels gay men get when it comes to interacting with women.
"There's always one gay friend that I don't think is fuckin' gay at all," he says in the clip. "It's that gay dude that will run up on your girlfriend and squeeze her boobs and slap her ass and be like, 'Damn, girl, you look great!' I don't find that fuckin' funny."
He's sure to clarify that he's all for the gayness, but he wouldn't do the same thing to his friends' boyfriends.
"It's my first real special, or I consider it my first real special, 'cause I did a special on Comedy Central when I was, like, 22," he told Paper back in November. "Now I just feel like I have more to say. I feel like I have experiences.When you're 22 — not that it was that long ago, but it's a very different, significant change — all my jokes were very immature, high school, pot,'sMoKinG wEEd' [jokes], you know? Just nothing with substance. Now I still have that stuff in there, but I feel like I'm talking about stuff that's kinda more adult? Or mature?"
Of course, many people will be tuning in in hopes of hearing about his relationships, which are often with beautiful women in the entertainment industry in rapid succession. His most notable was with singer Ariana Grande, with whom he was engaged before they called it quits in the fall of 2018. Since then, he's been seen with people like Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, and Kaia Gerber.
This special also comes after a serious mental health scare in December of 2018, and he has since been candid about his struggle.
"I think if you're able to be open, it's really good. It's reassuring when you hear someone that you admire talk about [topics like that] publicly, because it's an embarrassing thing sometimes," he said in the same Paper interview. "Crohn's is an embarrassing disease to have so it's not fun to talk about, but there are people out there that have it."
Pete Davidson Alive From New York lands on Netflix February 25.

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