Anyone Who Guessed That Jordyn Woods Was The Masked Singer Kangaroo Is Screaming Right Now

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Update: After much ado, the Kangaroo was finally revealed to be Jordyn Woods. I guess everyone really knew their stuff when it comes to women in the Kardashians' orbit.
Original article continues: For season 3, The Masked Singer added some slight changes to its format. Instead of having a whopping 18 contestants perform from the beginning, the masked celebrities have been divided into three groups of six, with each group performing three times in a row. Now we're in the super nine, and only three singers are left from Group A. One contestant who has captivated and stumped the judges and social media since she stepped into the ring is The Masked Singer's Kangaroo. Here's what we know about who this masked Kangaroo might be, and why she's looking for redemption on the Fox series. 

Masked Singer Clues About The Kangaroo

There are a few main clues that matter as we watch this season and try to figure out who the Kangaroo really is. First, she's had a recent loss in her family. Second, she's said in one of her packages that "“I found myself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.” And lastly, there's the one staring us right in the face: Australia 
In episode 2, we learn that Kangaroo needs to be a role model to “little roo.” We see basketball players wearing the jersey number 23, one of which says "Dee Jay" on the back.
In episode 3, Kangaroo's brother (dressed as a potted plant) speaks on her behalf. He says "tragedy hit our family" and she was "the glue." The video also zooms in on a seemingly handmade Angel figurine. Later, Kangaroo gives a valentine to guest judge Leah Remini that says “We sat at the same table and your courage has inspired me."
Keep in mind, however, that clues in the first episode tend to include the most important details because the judges reference them throughout the rest of the season. Later clues are often used as red herrings to throw the judges off.
After sitting out six weeks while Groups B and C were introduced, Kangaroo finally returned to the stage as a member of the super nine. Her sensitive and calming presence was missed amongst the more elaborate staging and performances. She began her clue package stressing that she has overcome some recent struggles. She spoke about “bouncing back after kangarumers about my past” and going “through hell this past year.”  She also pulled out a little kangaroo from her pouch, but she later added that she has never lived in Australia. 
Kangaroo said she now has confidence in herself that she has never felt before. Still, she admits that she gets nervous which is why she is constantly jumping around during feedback. These nerves seemed to return during her performance of “Not Ready To Make Nice” by Dixie Chicks. She moved around the stage very slowly and her vocals were a little pitchy. Although it was a heartfelt and solid performance, Kangaroo was noticeably nervous, which McCarthy pointed out. 

Who The Kangaroo Is On The Masked Singer (Probably)

The recent loss the Kangaroo refers to could really strengthen the ongoing theory that the Kangaroo is Jordyn Woods, as it may reference the death of her father, John Woods, in 2017. He was a sound engineer who died from cancer.
The second clue also supports that theory. No one can forget the huge fallout between Woods and the Kardashians over rumors and a cheating scandal involving Tristan Thompson. That would certainly match up with finding oneself in the "headlines for all the wrong reasons."
If the Woods theory holds, the Australia nod could be a misdirect to distract the judges. Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia so that could be the simple reason the country was mentioned.  
One clue also threw Twitter off in week 2: The Kangaroo mentioning she wanted to be a role model for her “little roo.” Some, including the judges, thought this suggested the Kangaroo is a mother. That could still be the case, but it could also refer to Woods’s younger sister Jodie Woods who looks exactly like her older sibling.
The basketball scene also points to Wood’s being behind the mask. She was born on September 23, hence the number 23 jerseys, and Woods is known to DJ from time to time. 
Then come the week 3 clues. Jenny McCarthy has guessed Jordin Sparks twice now and the show's writers have been known to throw in clues that could double for the real contestant and an incorrect guess from the judges. Case in point: Sparks has a brother, but so does Woods (two in fact).
McCarthy also thinks the Valentine’s Day message to guest panelist Leah Remini about sharing a table was referencing The Talk, a daytime talk show on which Remini interviews all kinds of celebs. And look, that could be the case, which would open up a lot of possibilities. But, Kangaroo could also be praising Remini for opening up about accusing host Jada Pinkett Smith of having ties to Scientology on Red Table Talk; the same show where Woods did a vulnerable interview with Pinkett Smith regarding her falling out with the Kardashians.
The “tragedy” and angel are more clues that point to the loss of Wood’s father. She posted multiple Instagram pictures after her father passed, calling him “our angel.”
McCarthy recently guessed model and former talk show host Amber Rose. Fellow panelist Nicole Scherzinger is stuck on the Grammy clue so she suggested country music singer LeAnn Rimes. However, Kangaroo’s nerves and discomfort on stage all but confirm that she is someone who does not have experience speaking or performing in front of a large group of people, like Woods. Her shaky version of “Not Ready To Make Nice” is also a clear giveaway that Kangaroo is not a trained or professional singer. 
The show tends to repeat clues when the panel isn’t close to guessing the correct person. Kangaroo’s clues before her super nine performance mentioned the negative stories about her that have made her life difficult. The rumors could be another reference to Woods and her public rift with the Kardashians. 
The baby kangaroo popped up again, but this seems like a misdirect. Just like the Australia clue made the panel briefly think the Kangaroo was Australian, the baby is being used to trick them into thinking she is a mother. The baby kangaroo looked just like Kangaroo, similar to how Woods shares a lot of features with her younger sister. 
And look, it's possible that the Kangaroo is someone else. Maybe even Jordin Sparks. But these clues all seem to lead to one place.
Update: This story was originally published Feb. 12, 2020. It has been updated to reflect new clues.

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