The New Masked Singer Costumes Are Already Making It Weird

Photo: Courtesy of Fox.
Björk, is that you? Fox has unveiled the costumes for The Masked Singer season 3, and they are weirder than ever before. For starters, there's a taco with a tomato head, a truly awe-inspiring tiger/pharaoh hybrid, and a swan that's only going to reinforce judge Ken Jeong's belief that Swedish singer Björk will one day be on this bonkers show. Things are already getting wild, and after the first episode's shocking final moments there's no telling how many surprises are still in store.
One thing is clear from the costume: TV's weirdest reality show isn't holding anything back this season. Not only are the costumes more elaborate than ever before, season 3 will have more celebrities than the first two rounds of the series. Fox has upped the number of contestants to 18, and given The Masked Singer a cushy post-Super Bowl premiere featuring special guest judge Jamie Foxx. Before you tune in to see the first round of sure-to-be surreal performances on Feb. 2, prepare yourself, mentally, with this look at all of the costumes and hints that have been revealed so far. 

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