That Big Clue That Jamie Foxx Is On The Masked Singer May Actually Be A Misdirect

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Since this new season began, judge Ken Jeong has been convinced that Jamie Foxx is on The Masked Singer. His guess that the Fox is Foxx was met with laughter from his fellow judges. Surely, the Academy Award-winning actor isn't actually behind one of the remaining masks, right? As wild as Jeong's swing for the fences celebrity guess is, it may not be as improbable as his fellow judges once thought. There's one really good reason why Foxx could be on The Masked Singer: he has a show on Fox, the musical game show Beat Shazam, that he probably needs to promote. In fact, a special holiday episode of Beat Shazam just aired on Monday, Dec. 9. Could a crossover be brewing?
Beat Shazam pits teams of two against the clock as they race to name popular songs after hearing just a few notes. If they make it to the end of the competition, they get to go head-to-head with the song identifying app Shazam for a chance to win $1 million. The game show has proven to be a popular format for the network, especially during the summer. As the host, Foxx spends plenty of time promoting his show on social media, and appearing on The Masked Singer would be a great way to lure more eyes to the competition series. 
Foxx is certainly happy to stoke the rumors that he could be one of the disguised contestants on The Masked Singer this season. On Dec. 4, he retweeted Jeong's Fox theory from the show's official account on Twitter, and offered nothing but three shrug emojis. Maybe the acclaimed actor and singer is just playing along as a bit of cross-promotional fun, or maybe he really is the Fox. If the Ray actor is beneath the mask, it would be the biggest shock of the season by far. 
That said, all clues point to Whose Line Is It Anyway? favorite Wayne Brady being the Fox. From the Fox's assertion that he's worked with everyone "from Doogie to Doubtfire" to his recent "yes, and" chalkboard (the phrase is an improv prompt), the clue packages scream Brady. While Foxx has a terrific voice, his career doesn't fit with the hints that the masked Fox has offered viewers. However, there are two other masks that Foxx could be hiding behind: the Leopard or the Rottweiler. 
Now, if Foxx is the Leopard, I will forever be in awe of his chameleon abilities, because whoever is in that costume is tall — or they're wearing stilettos. At 5'9, the Beat Shazam host would have to be rocking some serious lifts to be the regal Leopard. And as for the Rottweiler, he continues to give off major Chris Daughtry vibes. That only leaves the Flamingo and the Tree, but they both have feminine voices and clue packages that don't exactly scream Foxx. 
Despite the actor playing along on Twitter, I suspect he isn't actually on The Masked Singer in an official capacity. But given Beat Shazam's recent holiday episode, I wouldn't be surprised to see Foxx make a special one night only appearance on the show this Tuesday. If he does, expect Jeong to lose it, because even if the Oscar winner isn't the Fox, it will still vindicate the judge who refuses to give up hope that Foxx will appear on the stage before the season is over.
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