Finally, A Job You Can Be Married To: Get Paid To Find The Best Proposal Spots in Europe

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
Some people travel this time of year to escape the winter scaries — others spend this season finding something more elusive than a warm, relaxing beach: the perfect proposal spot. Or at least that’s what engagement ring store Robbins Brothers is offering for the second year running with their Proposal Ambassador program.
Submit an application with your partner between February 14th and February 28th, and the two of you could be chosen for the latest iteration of the viral dream job. Past examples include: a job where you travel the world and go on dates, a job that pays you to visit and review pools, or a job as the head of social media for Queen Elizabeth II. The new hires will be given $10,000 and an hourly wage (varying by state). All of which can be used to book flights and accommodations and drive, ride the train, bike, or scooter around all of Europe to find not one, not two, but 20 beautiful proposal spots and document the whole thing. The top proposal spots can be anything: a restaurant with a pretty vista, or a historic building with gorgeous architecture, or even a dramatic moor that looks like a scene straight out of Wuthering Heights. The couple will ultimately discover what “romantic” really means to them, create some unforgettable memories — and get paid to do it all. Let’s just hope you don't discover irreconcilable differences over the best place to pop the question.
Last year’s Proposal Ambassadors, Alex and Liana Borishkevich, were chosen out of over 1,000 applicants. They went on weekend getaways to six U.S. cities to find 10 dreamy spots in each city. In Seattle, one of their top picks was the majestic Gold Creek Pond; in L.A., El Matador Beach, and the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve near Dallas. The 2020 Proposal Ambassador position is open to all couples in serious relationships. Interested couples will need to submit a few questions and a video essay with a pitch. If only all jobs required a fun video pitch instead of another stiff cover letter.
The way we get married (or don’t get married) is changing, so becoming a Proposal Ambassador and globetrotting like you’re in a Carmen Sandiego game just seems like the next logical step of the marriage evolution. You can ’gram/tweet/TikTok the whole journey without having to pretend you keep stumbling upon the most romantic spots by accident, unlike some famous social media lovebirds.
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