You Can Officially Get Paid To Chill By Hotel Pools Across The Country This Summer

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Brands have long known that if you package up a thing with a cool name and minimalist font and maybe throw some pink on it, millennials will flock to it like ants on/in/around an anthill. Now the world seems to have caught onto the fact that we also like doing purely fun, seemingly non-labor-intensive things for money (and then posting about them because pics or it didn't happen, obviously). Last month, Bumble posted a listing for a Global Connector Bee, whose job it will be to travel the world for a year and date/network/make friends on the journey. The New York Times got 13,000 applicants for its viral travel-writing gig in 2017. And now, is hiring a poolhop.
What is a poolhop, you ask? Well, a poolhop is a thing one lucky person can be for two weeks this August while traveling to and reviewing six hotel pools across the U.S. For a $10,000 stipend, said poolhop will capture "gram-worthy, pool-inspired pics" to be shared on social media and the website. Hotel robe and fruity drink included.
The qualifications: enjoy water and hotels. Be at least 21 years old. Know how to take a good vacay photo. To apply, you just need to submit your name, Instagram handle, 100 words on why you would be the best poolhop, and a sample hotel pool review.
Also, if you already have a full-time job, you're not disqualified from applying. The job just runs for two weeks in August, so if you can take the time off from your day job and don't mind "working" on vacation, you can basically think of it as a $10,000 bonus. Other perks include a year of Gold Rewards member status on
Applicants have until 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 25 to apply. In the words of the job posting: "Lounge by the pool. Document the experience. Get paid." Nuff said.

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