Who Dies In Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 3 — & Who Will Stay Dead?

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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 3 finale, “Sabrina Is Legend.” 
Supernatural series love a surprise fatal body count. Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, however, blows every other show of its kind out of the bloody water with part 3. Twelve major players in the streaming show die over CAOS’ eight new episodes. Some of those cast members stay dead. Some are alive by the the end, thanks to enough magic and time travel to make your head hurt. 
As anyone who has seen part 3 finale “Sabrina Is Legend” can tell you, the drama offers up one of the most mind-bending twists we can expect to see on television this year — and it’s only January
If you’re confused about who exactly died in Sabrina 3.0 — and how many of those people eventually survived to fight another day — keep reading for a full guide to CAOS part 3's death. Praise Hecate, you’re going to need this. 

Sabrina Spellman: Not Dead 

How did they die?: Sabrina nearly wins the Unholy Regalia against Prince Caliban (Sam Corlett), her rival for the throne of Hell. But, after finding the third piece of the challenge — Judas’ 30 pieces of silver — she makes the mistake of allowing “Judas” to feel the coins once again. The moment “Judas” has the treasure, he reveals himself to be Caliban in disguise. Caliban takes the silver, trapping Sabrina in Hell forever. 
How were they saved?: Somehow, at the beginning of finale “Sabrina is Legend,” a Future Sabrina comes to release the initial Sabrina after decades of imprisonment (during that period, humanity fell to the pagans and their Green Man). 
CAOS part 4 will have to explain how Future Sabrina came to save her “past” self in the first place. But for now we know “Past” Sabrina — who is the Sabrina we know and love — uses her second chance to jump back in time to win the Unholy Regalia and stop the carnage of the pagans from ever happening, thereby protecting her loved ones from various nasty deaths. 

Zelda Spellman: Not Dead 

(Miranda Otto)
How did they die?: Zelda is first shot by Mary Wardwell (Michelle Gomez) in “All of Them Witches.” She is left near-death and able to traverse the spirit realm. There, Zelda speaks with her late brother Edward (Georgie Daburas), the man originally believed to be Sabrina’s father. Zelda awakes with a way to solve the religious crisis facing the Church of Night. 
Unfortunately, ex-husband Faustus Blackwood (Richard Coyle) stabs Zelda the second she sits up, killing her for good. 
How were they saved?: In “Legend,” Sabrina travels far enough back in time to urge her allies to move Zelda before she can be murdered. Zelda is then able to awake on her own — as she did in the original timeline — without being stabbed to death. 

Hilda Spellman: Not Dead 

(Lucy Davis)
How did they die?: Hilda is cursed and becomes a giant spider in the final half of CAOS part 3. Zelda shoots her sister, hoping that throwing her sister in the Cain pit in front of the Spellman house will save Hilda. In both timelines, that simple act does not bring Hilda back to life. 
How were they saved?: The power of Hecate, the deity Zelda realizes the Church of Night needs to pray to. Zelda joins all of the women in the Church of Night’s orbit to call on Hecate for Hilda’s semi-resurrection (Zelda’s trip to the netherworld confirms there is still some shred of life in Hilda). So, she arises. 

Dr. Cee: Not Dead

(Alessandro Juliani)
How did they die?: Hilda believes she murdered Dr. Cee by entrapping him in a cocoon during her spider period. The Spellmans place him in the funeral home’s basement to prepare for his burial. 
How were they saved?: Hilda simply didn’t kill Dr. Cee. When Hilda enters the morgue towards the close of “Legend,” she finds Dr. Cee half-burst out of the cocoon and sitting upright. These two still might get married! 
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Harvey Kinkle: Not Dead 

(Ross Lynch)
How did they die?: In the original timeline, Harvey is one of the few Greendale virgins marked by the pagans. The rival supernatural group is bent on resurrecting their god, the Green Man, and needs a virgin blood sacrifice to do it. Harvey ends up being that sacrifice, and we watch Green Man’s roots stab Harvey to death. 
How were they saved?: Sabrina’s “Legend” reset of the timeline pre-dates Harvey’s murder. So, he is never killed by the Green Man. The pagan apocalypse is thwarted.

Roz Walker: Not Dead

(Jaz Sinclair) 
How did they die?: Roz essentially dies twice. First, she is turned to stone by the pagan’s gorgon Nagina in “The Hare Moon.” Then, once she is saved, she dies again during the first timeline at the hands of the pagans. Roz is murdered soon after the death of her boyfriend Harvey
How were they saved?: The first time, Sabrina and her friends kidnap pagan witch Circe and force her to fix Roz. The second time, Sabrina’s time travel plan ensures Roz is never kidnapped and murdered by the pagans, as she was in the initial timeline. 

Dorcas: Dead 

(Abigail Cowen)
How did they die?: Like Roz, Dorcas encounters a few terrible situations in part 3. In the first, she is also turned to stone (and fixed by Circe). Then, once she is rehabilitated, she is killed in “The Judas Kiss” by her sister Agatha (Adeline Rudolph), who was driven mad by the leader of the pagans, Carcosa. 
Sabrina’s “Legend” time travel does not stop Dorcas’ murder. As we learn towards the end of the finale, Dorcas’ butchered corpse is still found at the Academy in the second timeline. 

Agatha: Not Dead, Has Been Driven Mad  

(Adeline Rudolph)
How did they die?: Agatha attempts to kill her other sister Prudence Blackwood (Tati Gabrielle) in the Spellman home. Prudence responds by running Agatha through with a sword in self-defense.
How were they saved?: Sabrina’s time travel negates the possibility for Agatha’s death. In the second timeline, Sabrina has everyone flee Spellman Manor before Agatha and Blackwood can descend upon the house and kill them. 

Prudence Blackwood: Not Dead 

(Tati Gabrielle)
How did they die?: Blackwood stabs Prudence in the back after she kills Agatha. 
How were they saved?: The time travel also negates this terrible event. It does not negate Prudence's grief over Dorcas' murder.

Lilith & Lucifer: Not Dead 

(Michelle Gomez & Luke Cook)
How did they die?: Like Sabrina, Lilth and Lucifer are trapped in the ninth circle of Hell by Caliban in penultimate episode “The Judas Kiss.” 
How were they saved?: Sabrina’s time travel. It is important to remember that Lilith and Lucifer's survival is a big problem for Sabrina. Lilith is carrying Lucifer’s child, who is supposedly a boy. Sabrina has a new rival — and he’s not even born yet. 

Caliban: Dead, Kinda.

(Sam Corlett) 
How did they die?: Following the rise of the pagans and the loss of Lucifer, the “celestials,” or angels, felt emboldened to destroy the remnants of Hell. The archangel Michael, whom viewers have never met, killed Caliban and sacked Pandemonium, the capital of Hell. 
What happened?: With the timeline split, “Past” Sabrina goes back to the moment just before she hands the silver over to “Judas” and is tricked by Caliban’s glamour. “Past” Sabrina warns New Sabrina of her enemy’s scheme and they agree on a pact. New Sabrina will take the silver and win the Regalia. “Past” Sabrina will return to Greendale. 
New Sabrina approaches Judas-as-Caliban, tells him she knows he’s tricking her, and traps him in the ninth circle of Hell. Part 4 will reveal if Caliban ever escapes to strike back up his chemistry-laden rivalry with Sabrina, the new queen of Hell. 

The Pagans: Some Dead 

How did they die?: In the second timeline, the remaining Church of Night followers descend upon the pagan encampment after sabotaging their Green Man plan (cheers to Petsa). The Sabrina witches run most of the pagans out of town, but they eliminate the three most dangerous ones: gorgon Nagina, transformation witch Circe, and leader Carcosa. 
Roz kills Nagina, Hilda kills Circe, and Prudence kills Carcosa, who is also the “great god” Pan.
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