The Jonas Brothers Enlisted The J-Sisters & Nick’s Thighs For New Music Video

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.
When the Jonas Brothers said they were coming back, they really meant it. Last year they dropped their first album since their split in 2013, Chasing Happiness, and are starting 2020 off on a similar note with a new single, "What A Man Gotta Do?" Luckily, all a Jonas man has to do to make us happy is get their wives involved, and they once again enlisted Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, and Danielle Jonas to be part of the new music video.
Their first reunion music video, "Sucker," also featured the J-Sisters, and since, Joe and Sophie have gone on to officially tie the knot (twice!). While that music video put them all in the same castle and elaborate costumes, this time around each couple was assigned a classic movie to bring to life, which seems like half an excuse just to show everyone Nick's thighs.
Nick and Priyanka took on Risky Business, and the music video begins with Nick sliding into frame with nothing but a white button-up and socks, singing into a candlestick.
"I'm not tryin' to be your part-time lover / Sign me up for the full-time, I'm yours, all yours," he croons to Priyanka, who is on the couch and just as bewildered by his outfit as we are.
Smash cut to Joe and Sophie, the most fun couple of the group, who dance through a school gymnasium a la Grease. Joe's hair is slicked back and Sophie is wearing her blonde hair in a high pony and a ruffled dress — until a black-haired, darker version of herself comes and knocks her out of the way.
At the same time, Priyanka also gets in on the Risky Business fun, doing her own version of the button-up-sock-slide and whipping her hair in a way that puts all shampoo commercials to shame.
As for Kevin and Danielle (and their dog Riley), Kevin stands outside Danielle's window with a boombox, but his Say Anything moment is ruined by a broken cassette. Instead, he plays the song from his iPhone, and Danielle joins him outside to dance.
The music video ends with its own blooper reel — which includes Sophie accidentally kicking Joe in the face. Watch the full video below.

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